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Femenino, 22 años from Manila, Filipinas

Ocupación de trabajo o área de estudio: Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication, Libro favorito: Harry Potter, Película favorita: Harry Potter; Sound of Music, Intereses: Bádminton, Cocina, Baile, Patinaje sobre hielo, Internet, Literatura, Música, Mascotas, Fotografía, Juegos de rol, Cantar, Natación, Teatro,
I'm a sophomore student from the University of the Philippines - Manila. At present, I am taking up Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication.

I am interested in music and arts, as well as fiction and literature. I'm an avid fan of popular book series like Harry Potter and Twilight. I am an official Gleek.

I love listening to my iPod and dancing in my room. I love taking pictures and making videos. I have been trying to learn the guitar for years though I can't seem to absorb much.

For a few months now, I have been working as an online English tutor. I have been teaching the English language through chat and internet calls.

I am really interested in gaining new experiences and wisdom through studying foreign culture and languages.
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