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Last login: January 10, 2012 Registered on: January 10, 2012

Male, 27 years old from Tehran, Iran

Job occupation or area of study: Student, Favorite book: No especial book!, Favorite movie: Inception, Interests: Computers, Cooking, Electronics, Film, Fishing, Karate, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Swimming,
I'm a new PhD student at UBC!
I love to swim and hang out with my friends. I play some musical instruments are are in deep love with classical musics of my country. I have been in Vancouver for a few days and I found it a nice place, a little bit cold of course!
I'm looking for making new friends all over the world and know about other cultures and languages. I love adventure and traveling. I have to add the point that I know nothing about Spanish language, but I would love to know something!
European University