Study in Bolivia

Study in Bolivia LaPaz with Spanish , Technology Courses, Degrees, Postgraduate, Masters, Doctorate etc. We will help you choose a course and destination in Bolivia according to your needs free of charge.

Bolivia Education System

Each year, Bolivia welcomes an increasing number of international tourist to study in, institutes, colleges and schools. In the last couple of years more than 10.000 students from 140 countries studied at Bolivia institutions. 

Why study in Bolivia?

  • Excellence - education standards rank amongst the highest in the world.
  • Recognition - qualifications are widely recognised and accepted when seeking employment or further study.
  • Flexibility - multiple institutions offering a wide variety of courses with flexible delivery methods.
  • Value - the combination of competitive tuition fees and low cost of living represent good value for money.
  • Lifestyle - favourable climate, safe and stable environment, attractive surrounds and friendly people make it an enjoyable place to study.
  • Multicultural - overseas students are welcome in Bolivia multicultural society.

Spanish Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) may be undertaken at a variety of government and private institutions. There are currently over 100 accredited and registered Spanish Centres throughout Bolivia

Courses are designed to include general Spanish language training, Spanish for academic purposes (in preparation for further studies), Spanish for specific purposes (eg, business or computing studies), secondary school preparation, and preparation for international exams.

Full-time Spanish courses are available for periods of study from four to 48 weeks. Study tour programs are available, either full or part time, for periods of between one and six weeks. Our prizes are cheap and the schedule time is flexible.