Chaplain or Minister in Hospice-Home Care

After finishing the Systematic Theology study and earned an advance degree in the theology, graduates can have a job as Chaplains or Minister. Chaplains are also called by some people as preachers, deacon, bishop, or elders. Chaplains are very highly educated people, religious, secular, and ordained people. They are commonly endorsed and recommended for the ministry by their own bishops, or some clericals and officials of different faith or institutions. They must become genuinely board certified and need to complete a program in clinical education in pastoral program. Chaplains are Ministers, who have other types of pastoral and spiritual target group such as school population, military unit, patients, and many more.

As Chaplain in Hospice or Home Care, their main duties are to provide an individual or group the spiritual guidance as well as support during their illness, or injury, or in an emergency situation. They perform religious services and administer prayers. They must be familiar with the standard concepts, procedures, and practices in that particular field.

Below are detailed duties of a respectable Chaplain in a Hospice or Home Care Centers:

  • Assures the spiritual assessments of the people in a group area as well as the appropriate services rendered for different individuals accordingly.

  • Facilitates and identify a group’s spiritual needs.

  • Provides personal spiritual care to individuals.

  • Serves as trustworthy liaison and aid to other group’s or community chaplains or spiritual counselors thus, documents services that are direct and communicates constantly.

  • Documents the clinical records of each individual’s spiritual care utilization and the related activities for program development, quality assurance, and procedure and policy reviews and revisions.

  • Serves to provide consultations, education, as well as support on individual’s care (i.e. patients, students, etc).

  • Attends other religious community conferences.

  • Recruits other group chaplains/ministers, spiritual counselors, and as many volunteers in a spiritual care.

  • Provides services for funerals and memorial services as requested.

  • Assists in the planning of annual memorial ceremony to meet the personnel, volunteers, and other individuals’ needs of the group.

  • Provides spiritual and emotional support to family members especially in the bereavement period in coordination of other members of the team.

  • Assists in making reviews on chaplain programs and services to ensure that the spiritual goals are being achieved and met, and then makes certain recommendations accordingly.

Professional chaplains or ministers in many of the religious affiliations are provided with a stipend, or a wage, or a salary depending on the group or community they are in or depending upon their employers and as well as the location, company, industry, experience. For example, the expected salary or pay for typical Chaplains in hospice or home care in the U.S. is approximately $44,537. These reports on market pricing of Chaplains are analyzed through surveys.
Chaplains are spiritually enjoyable job. After the hard but amazingly lifting study in systematic theology, the hard work pays off. Giving advices and services in a spiritual way to people is a very spirit uplifting.

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