American Language and Literature Specialist

Your knowledge in American Language and Literature becomes indispensable to companies seeking professionals who have an in-depth understanding of culturally produced texts, not to mention the fluency and proficiency you acquire in using the English language. Your familiarity and knowledge in both literary and linguistic perspectives and theories can not be matched easily with other English programs.

The study of the English language and the study of American literature in particular will bring you more opportunities in dealing with English practices in the society. Your expertise and knowledge of nature and functions of the English language under the domains of literature and society will equip you in taking opportunities applicable to classroom works. Your capabilities to analyze both spoken and written forms of the English language, related to real world experiences will be helpful in pursuing careers that require interviewing English speaking people, collecting of linguistic data, and walking through the lives of local writers of the past and the present.

The career path set by American Language and Literature Specialist is as diverse as the sea because relevant and exciting opportunities await you. This is because companies, schools, universities, and government agencies and departments are very much willing to hire professionals who have a clear grasp of American language and understanding of American literature not to mention professionals who are critically-inclined in evaluating socially constructed texts.

The industry looking for American Language and Literature Specialist is very competitive as it values professionals who are equipped to engage in media, advertising, public relations, marketing, and telecommunications among others. Your education and secure grounding of the English language and literature, powered with skills relevant in gathering, interpreting, and presenting of information are another credentials you possess that will be considered relevant to careers that deal with archiving, museum and library works, publishing, civil service to name a few.

Your duties and functions as American Language and Literature Specialist involve imparting your knowledge in particular areas of study namely American Literature, Critical theories and literary criticisms, Film Studies, Linguistics, and the complexities of the English language. More so, as a Specialist you are responsible in training students polish their communication skills in English, to strengthen their abilities in analyzing all forms of literary expression decisively, developing the holistic understanding of literatures in English and in instructing them to become future scholars who will further do advanced researches in English studies.

As American Language and Literature Specialist, you are expected to become immersed in wide range of readings and language arts written in English. You should be able to relate and link American literature topics, varieties of the English language, various genres of English literary texts, and American authors dominant in specific American period such as the Civil War Era, Reconstruction and Industrialization, World War I, Depression Era, World War II, Civil Rights Movement, and America’s role as the world superpower.

Finally, you must be knowledgeable in discussing the pertinent works of remarkable American writers such Edgar Allan Poe, Allen Ginsberg, Langston Hughes, Tennessee Williams, Mark Twain, and many more.

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