English Teacher

As an English Trainer you are responsible in many learning developments such as English vocabulary training, English conversation training, English proficiency training, and other trainings that require the mastery of the English language and greater aptitude of English communication skills.

The most widespread job opportunity for an English Trainer is to work in the corporate world or to become a Corporate English Trainer. However, since you are going to deal with top executives you are expected to have relevant and years of experience as an English trainer, trainings with business executives, a degree in English studies and related courses, and certificates from attended trainings. This applies whether you are a native or non-native speaker of the English language.

Your indispensable kind of education and experience in using the English language is a knowledge that will sweep off other applicants vying for the same position you are applying for. As an English Trainer you have to have impeccable knowledge of linguistics, teaching English as a second language, rhetoric or persuasive communication skills, effective teaching methodologies, and great interests in imparting what you know to your students.

English Trainer as a profession is a career that requires constant learning, whether you are doing it for a fulltime or part-time basis, you have to constantly develop yourself to make yourself marketable in this growing industry that relentlessly looks for English Trainers. With this being said, you just expanded your scope since you can apply in telecommunication businesses, marketing and advertising companies, and educational institutions if you want to pursue a career in the academe.

To make yourself more marketable and to acquire a greater advantage, it is fitting that you obtain certifications from international organizations providing English teaching certifications like TESOL, TEFL, and International Diploma in Language Teaching Management or IDLTM among others.

English Trainers are also considered to be cross-cultural language trainers since their education and experience with the English language cross language barriers, diverse sectors, and wider industries as well. In fact, English Trainers are needed by other professionals who are lawyers, brokers, bankers, diplomats, and underwriters among others. The mentioned professionals act as the students since they want to get educated in using the English language, too.

English language trainers have the greatest job in the world since they get to deal with different kinds of people and make them as their students. However, their responsibilities are tough enough to make them the most needed professional nowadays, in this world where English is the present lingua franca.

The international business experience of an English Trainer is a pertinent work experience that will be beneficial in acquiring an English teaching position since most English Trainers are hired by multi-national companies which extremely require excellent performance and the highest quality of training there is. And if you are the kind of English trainer who possesses such qualities you are highly needed. Therefore, as an English Trainer you have to live with what you are worth so that you can continuously do your job seamlessly and you can provide your students the learning experience they deserve. Remember, your students will be the reflection of what kind of English trainer you are.

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