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Learn German in Berlin

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Learn German in Berlin

Learn German and join the new breed of innovators.  The German language boasts a rich history in science, literature, art, philosophy, theology and history.  Learning the language of thinkers will give you the edge to become a high demand real player in the 21st century of thinkers, artists, journalists and travelers.  German and English come from the same Germanic language family and share thousands of the same words, word origins, and grammar characteristics making it an easy language to master.

Whether you are fulfilling a university graduate requirement, doing business with Germany the third strongest economy and number one export nation in the world, or a tourist visiting King Ludwig's castles, skiing the Alps, or drinking beer at Oktoberfest; Berlin's language schools are for you.

Plan Your Trip

Travelers entering Berlin from abroad fly into Tegel International Airport or use the smaller Schonefeld airport for domestic flights.  To travel about this capital city, make use of the excellent bus, tram, train and underground transportation services.  Traffic flows freely; public transportation is brilliant; you can walk at night without fear; clubs have no velvet ropes; and your restaurant bill will leave money in your pocket for shopping or sightseeing.  

If you choose not to take advantage of the Academy housing arrangements, we suggest booking your stay through  Berlin Hotels or check out Holidayapartments.net for short term rentals in Berlin.

Learn the Language of 'Dichter end Denker' poets and thinkers in Berlin

German courses at Humboldt-University

Great thinkers choose to study where they are immersed in the language and the culture.  Humboldt University offers seasonal classes designed for those seeking instruction in the German language, interested in optional interdisciplinary English content courses, and wanting to experience Germany's capital. Participants will receive a grade certificate and 4 ECTS credit points all for the cost of 450.00 EURO.  Study in a small group of about 12-15 students as well as experience social activities offered weekly.  The course components include:  grammar, conversation, writing, listening and reading comprehension and pronunciation.  Humboldt's excellence is offered to you.  Don't miss out.

Deutschakademie Intensive Course

Join the more than 5,000 satisfied participants per year and learn German in the heart of Berlin.  Deutschakademie offers qualified German teachers with academic degrees, teaching experience, and a joy of teaching.  Learn in small groups of five to 10.  Four-week courses meet three hours daily, Monday through Thursday.  A free placement test will determine your placement in one of the 12 course levels.  This school allows you to select your own hours, provides transportation from the airport, and will help you arrange housing either with a local family, student residence or hotel.  Sign up now for only 205.00 EURO

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