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Our school is for professional short-term study. Programs start from 2 weeks and are intended for students who like to travel, but don’t have enough time for long-term study abroad. In addition, in order to cover short-term international students, we specialize in everyday Japanese. Because classes will also be taught in English, it is perfect for beginners. Of course, our program is not only to learn Japanese, but also to experience Japanese culture. For example, Zen mediation, calligraphy, buckwheat making, etc. Hita city is famous for many festivals such as Kankousai, Obon, Gion, and Tenryo Matsuri, etc. It’s a great place to study in Japan. There are two campaigns. First, we are waiving the accommodation placement fee and Airport transfer fee for a discount of 21,600yen (about $220 USD). Second, the student will receive a pair of Hita Geta, which are famous in Japan. Japanese wear Geta when we wear kimono. Like a SAMURAI!

Study Programs:

  • Philology, Languages, Literature
    • Language Courses
    • Language Courses and Cultural Immersion Programs

Type of studies: Language Courses
Language of instruction: Japanese
Type of school: Language School

Location: Tashima Hita city Oita, Tashima Hita city Oita, Japan, 8770025
Telephone and Fax: Tel.: 0973285519 Fax.: Not available

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