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Spanish Authors and Literature in Spain
Spanish literature can simply be understood as the body of literary works created in Spain. These works are categorized into three main language divisions. These are Galician, Catalan, and Castilian. History of Spanish literature The history of Spanish literature can be tracked back many centuries ago. Over this period, Spanish literature has been influenced a  [...]
Nowhere boasts the number of world-class destinations in quite such close proximity as Europe. With dozens of the world’s greatest cities all within a couple of hours of each other it’s easy for any student to travel between them and soak up the wealth of culture on hand. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune  [...]
How to Find an Intership in Spain
Have you ever considered doing an internship in Spain? You might be feeling hesitant because maybe you have never been there or maybe you don’t have very much experience branching out and traveling to different countries. However, just because you don’t know what to expect, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. An internship abroad, especially in  [...]
A Student’s Guide to Ibiza
One of the party capitals of the world, Ibiza is a destination that should be on every student’s lips. Although it is renowned for its nightlife, a holiday on this beautiful island offers much more and is accessible to students of all interests and ages. In fact, students from anywhere in the world can easily  [...]
How to Find a Place to Rent in Spain
Spain is a very vast and diverse country so depending on where you plan to live, your expectations regarding finding a place to live will vary. Many people looking to study at a university will end up in a bigger city such as Madrid or Barcelona. So, let’s start there. We want to help you  [...]
Everything You Need to Know Before Studying in Spain
Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella. These will all be familiar as potential holiday destinations, but they’re also a handful of the many well established places where you can study in Spain. Home to 76 universities, of which 12 are ranked in the top 500 universities in the world according to the to the QS World University Rankings  [...]
Reasons to study in Spain
To begin with, studying in Spain is a great pleasure and a life-changing experience. It is prestigious to get an education in Spain due to its quality of education that can be compared to that of the United Kingdom and the United States. Studying in Spain also gives you a chance to enjoy the country’s  [...]
CSA Study Abroad
For over 20 years (since 1990), CSA has offered non profit, low cost study abroad opportunities to students and adults worldwide. High quality, accredited programs that are affordable, open to all worldwide, easy to register, flexible, academic credit can be earned, and additional services are provided to best fit each participant. Housing is also included  [...]
Learn And Party In the Vibrant Country Of Spain
One of the most diverse countries in Europe, Spain is a great choice for studying, not only because of its top-notch instructors and high quality Spanish Universities, but also because of its world-class environment that is conducive for learning. In addition to the abovementioned factors, the country is also filled with A-list beach bars and  [...]
Students Tips For Studying In Florida
In Spain, some people end up leaving home to study abroad. If you think that college learning in a foreign country is the thing for you, then you should include the United States, particularly the state of Florida in your list of places to visit. Known as the “Sunshine State,” it is not only known  [...]
Erasmus+ Scholarships
We have compiled extensive information about Erasmus programs over recent years for European and foreign students studying abroad. This page contains 8 sections: Erasmus+ Overview Tips From a Former Erasmus Student Erasmus Mundus Scholarships How to Apply for an Erasmus Scholarship Erasmus Mundus European Programs Who can participate in the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Erasmus Mundus  [...]
Spain Education System
If you are looking to study in Spain then you need to at least have an idea about Spain’s Education System. The educational law of 1990, the Ley Organica de Ordenacion General del Sistema Educativo (LOGSE) (Law on the General Organization of the Educational System), established a new system which started in 1991-92 school-year. The  [...]
Learning the Spanish languages
Spanish (español) or Castilian (castellano) is the official language of the entire State of Spain according to the Spanish Constitution of 1978.  Spaniards are likely to use the term español when differentiating it with languages of other countries such as English or French however call it castellano when distinguishing it with other languages or dialect  [...]
EU Business School Barcelona
Study in Spain with small dynamic classes offered in English, EU students get the best of both American and European academic traditions in the international environment.  [...]