Information for Students Coming to Spain

Erasmus+ Scholarships
We have compiled extensive information about Erasmus programs over recent years for European and foreign students studying abroad. This page contains 8 sections: Erasmus+ Overview Tips From a Former Erasmus Student Erasmus Mundus Scholarships How to Apply for an Erasmus Scholarship Erasmus Mundus European Programs Who can participate in the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Erasmus Mundus  [...]
Spain Education System
If you are looking to study in Spain then you need to at least have an idea about Spain’s Education System. The educational law of 1990, the Ley Organica de Ordenacion General del Sistema Educativo (LOGSE) (Law on the General Organization of the Educational System), established a new system which started in 1991-92 school-year. The  [...]

EU Business School
Licenciatura, maestría, MBA en España, Suiza o Alemania para estudiantes internacionales.
CSA Study Abroad
Estudios acreditados en el extranjero para estudiantes de todos los niveles.