Find Online Schools and Distance Learning to Study in Madrid, Spain

Online/Distance Learning Programs at Aranda Formación in Spain
Sede Madrid: C/ Conde de Peñalver 17, 1ª Planta., Madrid
Aranda Formaciónis a company with headquarters in Madrid, Alcorcon and Toledo. For over 18 years is has been dedicated to training, in person and on line, in the following areas: languages, computing, professional courses and oppositions. ...See complete description.
Online/Distance Learning Programs at Bircham International University in Spain
Plaza Chueca, 10 - 1º Izq., Madrid
Bircham International University is a private distance-learning institution, founded in 1992 in the United Kingdom. It has been registered in Spain as a business in the ‘regulated educational services’ since 2010. Currently the school offers a wide variety of professional, undergraduate, and graduate degree programs. The institution has not gained any recognized educational accreditation, but is included in the 2011 edition of the DICES guide among a selection of academic institutions. Bir...See complete description.
Online/Distance Learning Programs at Bureau Veritas Business School in Spain
C/ de Valportillo Primera, 22, Edificio Caoba, Madrid
Bureau Veritas Business School is a business school in e-learning, based in Madrid for more than 10 years. It is dedicated to the training of individuals and companies, with a team of highly qualified teachers. ...See complete description.
Online/Distance Learning Programs at CCC Centro de Estudios in Spain
C/ Orense 20 - 1º , Madrid
CCC Centro de Estudios, offers distance learning and online courses in Madrid, for over 70 years. Since then, it has trained people in different areas such as: business, languages, computer science, labor, health risks, solar energy, techniques, catering and others. ...See complete description.
Online/Distance Learning Programs at CEOE Formación, Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales in Spain
Alfonso Rodríguez Santamaria, 19, Madrid
CEOE Formación, Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales was founded in 1977, in Madrid. The institution provides training courses, in classroom, online and mixed to about 20,000 students a year, renewing their programs and systems constantly, in order to achieve a high level of education. ...See complete description.
Online/Distance Learning Programs at Cerem - Escuela Internacional de Negocios in Spain
Online/Distance Learning Programs at CESAE, Escuela de Negocios in Spain
Avenida Filipinas, 1 bis, oficina planta 3, Madrid
CÉSAE, Business School, is a company specialized in training online, created in 2003 and directed to the hospitality and tourism management, through master's programmes and courses related to business management. ...See complete description.
Online/Distance Learning Programs at CESI, Formación, Consultoría, Coaching in Spain
Calle Sagasta 24 1º Izquierda, Madrid
CESI, Formación, Consultoría, Coaching was founded in 1989, giving services to companies, both public and private, in activities such as consulting and training, both in person and online. ...See complete description.
Online/Distance Learning Programs at EOI Escuela de Organización Industrial in Spain
Av. de Gregorio del Amo, 6, Madrid
EOI is a Business School, established by the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Education in 1955, in Spain. It was aimed at engineers, who wished to equip themselves with management and organizational skills. The school also claims to be the first one in the country, offering business administration training. The programs that the school offers are graduate ones for young professionals, as well as Executive Masters for professionals with over five years of experience. It also provides a n...See complete description.
Online/Distance Learning Programs at ESAC Escuela Superior de comunicacion interACtiva in Spain
Online/Distance Learning Programs at Escuela de Empresa in Spain
C/ Ventura Rodríguez, 11, Madrid
Online/Distance Learning Programs at Escuela de Periodismo y Comunicación Unidad Editorial in Spain
Avda. de San Luis, nº 25, Madrid
La Escuela de Periodismo y Comunicación de Unidad Editorial was founded in 2011 and is dedicated to the training of journalism and communication with master's programs and professional development. ...See complete description.
Online/Distance Learning Programs at Escuela Europea de Dirección y Empresa - EUDE in Spain
Arturo Soria 245, Madrid
La Escuela Europea de Dirección y Empresa - EUDE, is located in Madrid and was founded in 1996 by professional experts in management and business administration. The main masters taught are: Master in International Trade, MBA, Master in Quality. Master in Marketing, Online Masters, Masters On Campus, Blended learning programs, ICETEX Scholarship Program. ...See complete description.
Online/Distance Learning Programs at Escuela Politécnica Internacional  in Spain
C/ José Luis de Arrese, 15 4º Iqda , Madrid
The Escuela Politecnica Internacional was founded in Madrid, in 2011 and is aimed to the quality training in new technologies, both in classroom and online. ...See complete description.
Online/Distance Learning Programs at ESDEN Business School in Spain
Calle Padilla, 42, Madrid
ESDEN Business School is associated with the University of Cambridge International Examinations, so that many of their students can obtain double degree. ...See complete description.
Online/Distance Learning Programs at Exitae, Escuela Universitaria de Formación Abierta in Spain
C/ Alonso Cano, 44-46, Madrid
Exitae, Escuela Universitaria de Formación Abierta offers courses online, being one of the pioneers in this activity. Their courses are diverse, such as degrees, postgraduate courses and masters. ...See complete description.
Online/Distance Learning Programs at FEF - Fundación de Estudios Financieros in Spain
Avenida de Brasil, 17, 3º, Madrid
FEF - Fundación de Estudios Financieros is a private institution, founded in 1991, which dedicates its activity around the financial markets. One of its objectives is the training, classroom training, and online. ...See complete description.
C/ Pensamiento 27 3º, Madrid
Formación Técnico Profesional is a learning centre, online, distance learning and in person, created 30 years ago. Courses are taught in various cities and are related to subjects like decoration, fashion design, 3D Studio MAX and others. ...See complete description.
Avda. del Mediterraneo Nº 5, 1º E, Madrid
C/ Asura, 40, Madrid
Formatik, was founded in 1972, in Madrid. Since then, more than 20,000 students, have been trained in different study areas, such as tourism, marketing and communication. ...See complete description.
C/ Pedro Salinas, 11. Edificio anexo, 2ª planta, Madrid
Fundación Universidad Empresa is an institution which, in collaboration with Public Universities of Madrid, complements the training of students newly graduates in various fields, through post-graduate courses. ...See complete description.
Edificio Elcano,Paseo General Martínez Campos, 46, Madrid
IDE-CESEM, Instituto de Directivos de Empresa is an institution founded over forty years ago in Madrid and is dedicated to the training of professionals, in order to generate employment, wealth and well-being. The programs offered are in presential modality and e-learning....See complete description.
Online/Distance Learning Programs at IE Business School in Spain
María de Molina, 11. 28006 , Madrid
IE Business School is one of seven schools under the cap of IE, and is considered to be one of the best business schools in the world. It is located in Madrid, and more precisely in the heart of Madrid’s Financial District. Additionally, the school is proud with the international environment it offers to students – Master, Doctorate, and Executive Education programs are taught to students representing over 80 nationalities. IE Business school has gained its accreditation by EQUIS (European ...See complete description.
Luchana, 6-4º Izq., Madrid
The Instituto de la Lengua Magallanes is focused on teaching Spanish online. The school strives to offer high-quality courses in order to enable students to reach the level of Spanish they need. For this reason, the online school has arranged a partnership with the Instituto Cervantes, thanks to which students use the online courses developed by this institution. On top of that, all students are ensured a personal tutor who guides them in the learning process. What the school emphasizes as a dis...See complete description.
Velázquez, 80, Madrid
Calle Pirineos, 55, Madrid
The Instituto Superior de Estudios Profesionales (ISEP CEU is located in Madrid and began its activity in 1995. Their study programas are in classroom and distance learning. ...See complete description.
Edificio Facultad de Psicología, Ciudad Universitaria,, Madrid
The Instituto Universitario de Educación a Distancia (University Institute of Distance Education, or IUED), also known as the National Distance Education University (UNED), is a higher education institute offering online courses and distance education programs to thousands of students each year, leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as certifications, diplomas, and technical qualifications in a number of different academic and professional fields. The University ...See complete description.
Casa del Lector - FGSR, Pº de la Chopera, 14, Madrid
IPECC - communication, culture and audiovisual is a company dedicated to training through classroom training, and online, focused on communication and digital techniques. The Center collaborates with the University of Alcalá. ...See complete description.
Asociado al Centro Universitario Villanueva, Madrid
C/ Moscatelar, 10-12, Madrid
El Instituto Superior de Protocolo y Eventos (ISPE) was founded over twenty years ago in Masdrid and has specialized in advanced training in Protocol, organization of events, production and institutional relations. It collaborates with the University Camilo José Cela. ...See complete description.
Madrid, Madrid
Instituto Superior de Técnicas y Prácticas Bancarias (ISTPB) was founded in 1979 and is dedicated to the specialized training relating to finance, both financial institutions and companies, in person and online....See complete description.
Calle Diego de León, 7, Madrid
MOBS - Madrid Business School is an online, highest quality professional training, giving the student the possibility of study from anywhere and with the schedule that best meets his needs. ...See complete description.
Calle Oña 15, noveno 1, Madrid
Madrid, Madrid
SANEA, Seguridad Alimentaria, Sanidad Ambiental teaches courses specialized, in person and online, offered to companies and individuals. ...See complete description.
, Madrid
The Madrid Open University is an innovative institution, committed to the delivery of flexible learning methods to those who wish to integrate these in their busy lifestyle. The online campus of the university is open 24 hours a day - through advanced technologies it enables unlimited communication between students and their instructors. The institution grants Professional Degrees that have been developed under the guidelines of the Bologna process, and are therefore acknowledged throughout the ...See complete description.
Marie Curie, 9 Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, y C/ Alberto Aguilera 7 Madrid, Madrid
C/ Pirineos, 55, Madrid
This is a top ten Spanish university, offering the convenience and coziness of a small community (about 2800 students) in the city of Madrid. It provides various international programs, thanks to the exchange arrangements the school has formed with over 50 institutions around the world. The university welcomes about 500 international students each year, who go there with the purpose to spend part of their education abroad. International students are offered an extremely flexible program, as the...See complete description.
Online/Distance Learning Programs at Universidad CEU San Pablo  in Spain
Vicerrectorado de Relaciones Internacionales, C/ Julián Romea, 23, Madrid
La Universidad CEU San Pablo is a private institution founded 75 years ago, with about seven thousand students and 890 faculty. The University is oriented in the excellent training of its students, as well as to enhance the values of Christian humanism and culture. ...See complete description.
Online/Distance Learning Programs at Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo in Spain
Vicerrectorado de Lenguas e Internacionalización, Isaac Peral, 23, Madrid
Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP) is an institution of higher education founded in 1932. They provide courses in the summer, mainly courses of spanish language and culture for foreigners. ...See complete description.
C/ Alberto Aguilera, 23, Madrid
Comillas Pontifical University was founded in 1890 in the town of Comillas, Spain, but moved to Madrid in 1969. It is a private university, and at the same time a catholic institution, run by the Society of Jesus. The university is ranked 5th in Spain for its law degrees, and 4th for its engineering degrees. It is also known for the various exchange programs it offers, as it has developed relationships with over 200 Higher Education Institutions around the world to offer students a variety of in...See complete description.