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CSA Budget Study Abroad - Univ Complutense Madrid - University in Spain
Avenida Complutense 0, Madrid
Low cost study abroad programs worldwide. Study in Spain at Universities or Language Institutes. Budget prices. Since 1990. * University of Alicante. * University of Barcelona. * University Complutense Madrid. * University of Salamanca. * University of Granada. * Intensive Spanish Programs (multi-locations)....See complete description.
Advance Business School - University in Spain
C/ Rosario Pino nº 14, 5ª planta, Madrid
Advance Business School is an institution belonging to the International University of la Rioja. It is created for the training of postgraduates in areas of business. The courses are given in two forms, in classroom and half in classroom and half distance learning. ...See complete description.
ARTENEO Formación en Artes Visuales - University in Spain
Bircham International University - University in Spain
Plaza Chueca, 10 - 1º Izq., Madrid
Bircham International University is a private distance-learning institution, founded in 1992 in the United Kingdom. It has been registered in Spain as a business in the ‘regulated educational services’ since 2010. Currently the school offers a wide variety of professional, undergraduate, and graduate degree programs. The institution has not gained any recognized educational accreditation, but is included in the 2011 edition of the DICES guide among a selection of academic institutions. Bir...See complete description.
BSc in International Relations, University of London, Academic direction: LSE - University in Spain
Calle Duque de Alba, 15, Madrid
This Bachelor Degree awarded by the University of London has been designed by The London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE). It is a programme for those who wish to engage critically with the range of materials about contemporary international relations. Tuition is provided by Madrid Management Center in Madrid and Malaga. Students can also take individual courses to advance their career....See complete description.
CEMFI, Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros - University in Spain
C/ Casado del Alisal, 5, Madrid
CEMFI, Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros is an institution founded in 1987 by the Bank of Spain. Its formative offer, in coordination with the International University Menéndez Pelayo, is adressed to obtain official titles of Master in Economics and Finance and a PhD in Economics. ...See complete description.
Centro de Estudios Garrigues - University in Spain
Paseo de la Castellana, 52, Madrid
Centro de Estudios Superiores Vitaldent - University in Spain
Calle Albalá, 5, Madrid
The Centro de Estudios Superiores Vitaldent is located in Madrid and is dedicated to training in issues related to dentistry. Their programs are tailored to the needs of each professional, through practical and clinical cases. ...See complete description.
Centro Internacional Carlos V de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - University in Spain
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Facultad de CC.EE. Y Empresariales. Carretera de Comenar km 15. Ca, Madrid
Centro Superior de Estudios Universitarios La Salle - University in Spain
Centro Universitario Villanueva - University in Spain
Claudio Coello, 17 - 11, Madrid
The Centro Universitario Villanueva is an institution of higher education, which is affiliated to the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Its mission is to provide a quality education, based on Christian principles. ...See complete description.
CEOE Formación, Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales - University in Spain
Alfonso Rodríguez Santamaria, 19, Madrid
CEOE Formación, Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales was founded in 1977, in Madrid. The institution provides training courses, in classroom, online and mixed to about 20,000 students a year, renewing their programs and systems constantly, in order to achieve a high level of education. ...See complete description.
Cerem - Escuela Internacional de Negocios - University in Spain
CES Don Bosco, Centro de Enseñanza Superior en Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación - University in Spain
C/ María Auxiliadora, 9, Madrid
CES Don Bosco, Centro de Enseñanza Superior en Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación is attached to the Complutense University of Madrid. Its educational offer is approved by the Episcopal Commission of Teaching. ...See complete description.
CESMA, Escuela de Negocios - University in Spain
Pº Habana nº 43, Madrid
Located in Spain’s capital city of Madrid, the CESMA School of Business offers educational and training programs for both current and future executives and business professionals. Among its portfolio of business program offerings, the institution offers masters degree-level courses, specialization programs and professional seminars in a wide range of areas of expertise.  Some of these areas include: Business administration Marketing Communications Finance Account co...See complete description.
CEU Business School de Madrid - University in Spain
Carrera de San Francisco, 2, Madrid
CFE Compañía de Formación Empresarial - University in Spain
CIFF, Centro Internacional de Formación Financiera  - University in Spain
Eloy Gonzalo Nº 3 y San Bernardo Nº 123 6º Planta , Madrid
CIFF, Centro Internacional de Formación Financiera, is an institution founded in Madrid, in the year 2001. It is dedicated to the training of graduates with financial and economic education, providing business expertise at international level. ...See complete description.
Cinteco - University in Spain
Lagasca 16, 1º dcha., Madrid
Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Industriales de Madrid - University in Spain
Colegio Universitario Cardenal Cisneros - University in Spain
General Díaz Porlier, 58, Madrid
The Cardenal Cisneros University College is a private institution, established in 1971 and located in Madrid. It is affiliated with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, accommodating students, who pursue Psychology, Business Administration and Management (ADE) degrees, or the simultaneous Law and ADE (Business Administration and Management) degrees. The school currently educates about 1,000 students. It also welcomes international Erasmus students, aiming to offer an environment, where they ca...See complete description.
CUNEF, Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros - University in Spain
Serrano Anguita, 9, Madrid
The University College of Financial Studies is a center specialized in degrees of Law and Business Administration as well as Master in Law and Finance, Master in Banking and Master in Stock Market. ...See complete description.
EOI Escuela de Organización Industrial - University in Spain
Av. de Gregorio del Amo, 6, Madrid
EOI is a Business School, established by the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Education in 1955, in Spain. It was aimed at engineers, who wished to equip themselves with management and organizational skills. The school also claims to be the first one in the country, offering business administration training. The programs that the school offers are graduate ones for young professionals, as well as Executive Masters for professionals with over five years of experience. It also provides a n...See complete description.
EPHOS - European School of PharmaStudies - University in Spain
C/ San Bernardo, 79, Madrid
EPHOS - European School of PharmaStudies was founded in Madrid in 1989, and is dedicated to the creation of training programmes related to the pharmaceutical industry. ...See complete description.
ESAC Escuela Superior de comunicacion interACtiva - University in Spain
ESCP Europe, Campus Madrid - University in Spain
Calle Arroyofresno, 1, Madrid
ESCP Europe is a highly selective business school with an international outlook, but also acts as a large-scale European institution. The school was formed in Paris in 1819, since when it has educated generations of leaders, who have contributed to the exceptional reputation it has today. ESCP Europe operates five campuses all over the continent - in Paris, Berlin, London, Madrid and Turin. Each year the school receives 4,000 students and a similar number of top-level executives, promoting inno...See complete description.
Escuela Contemporánea de Humanidades - University in Spain
Escuela de Empresa - University in Spain
C/ Ventura Rodríguez, 11, Madrid
Escuela de Estudios Superiores de Administración y Empresa (EESAE) - University in Spain
Escuela de Periodismo y Comunicación Unidad Editorial - University in Spain
Avda. de San Luis, nº 25, Madrid
La Escuela de Periodismo y Comunicación de Unidad Editorial was founded in 2011 and is dedicated to the training of journalism and communication with master's programs and professional development. ...See complete description.
Escuela Europea de Dirección y Empresa - EUDE - University in Spain
Arturo Soria 245, Madrid
La Escuela Europea de Dirección y Empresa - EUDE, is located in Madrid and was founded in 1996 by professional experts in management and business administration. The main masters taught are: Master in International Trade, MBA, Master in Quality. Master in Marketing, Online Masters, Masters On Campus, Blended learning programs, ICETEX Scholarship Program. ...See complete description.
Escuela Internacional de Protocolo - University in Spain
Calle Duque de Alba, 15, Madrid
The International School of Protocol is a private institution, and acts as the only existing center in Spain that offers university studies in both Protocol and institutional relations, as well as Production and Realization of events. The school is composed by a network of centers with headquarters in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Grenada, Asturias, Elche, Valladolid, Zaragoza, Palma de Mallorca, A Coruna, Tenerife, Budapest and Buenos Aires. The degrees offered are certified by the University of...See complete description.
Escuela Politécnica Internacional  - University in Spain
C/ José Luis de Arrese, 15 4º Iqda , Madrid
The Escuela Politecnica Internacional was founded in Madrid, in 2011 and is aimed to the quality training in new technologies, both in classroom and online. ...See complete description.
Escuela Superior de Artes y Espectáculos TAI - University in Spain
C/ Serrano Anguita, 10, Madrid
Since the 1970´s, Madrid’s Escuela Superior de Artes y Espectáculos (University School of Arts and Entertainment), known locally as TAI, has been operating as the first independent arts school of higher education in Spain. The institution boasts a solid academic structure and an intense focus on artistic production and artistic rate. TAI is the first school of its kind to offer official university courses and degrees in the scenic arts and contemporary music composition, where titles are gra...See complete description.
Escuela Universitaria de Enfermería en Madrid Cruz Roja Española - University in Spain
Avda. Reina Victoria, 28, Madrid
The Escuela de Enfermeras de Cruz Roja, was founded in Madrid in 1918, as Cruz Roja Española-dependent and since then, it has beens forming professional nurses of great technical and human quality. His academic teachings are: Nurse, Health Technical Assistant (A.T.S.) and university diploma in Nursing (D.U.E.), getting double accreditation: the official academic degree and Cruz Roja Nurse Profesional. ...See complete description.
ESCUNI - Escuela Universitaria de Magisterio de Madrid - University in Spain
Avda. Nuestra Señora de Fátima, 102, Madrid
ESCUNI - Escuela Universitaria de Magisterio de Madrid is a private, non-profit institution attached to the Complutense University of Madrid. It was founded in 1970, after melting down into a single institution some teachers schools of the Catholic Church. Studies that are taught are: degrees in Teacher Training Early Childhood Education and Teacher Training for Primary Education. ...See complete description.
ESDEN Business School - University in Spain
Calle Padilla, 42, Madrid
ESDEN Business School is associated with the University of Cambridge International Examinations, so that many of their students can obtain double degree. ...See complete description.
ESEM, Escuela Internacional de Dirección Empresarial - University in Spain
Avd. de los Madroños, 55 (Parque Conde Orgaz), Madrid
ESERP, Business School - University in Spain
Calle Costa Rica, 9, Madrid
ESERP Business School is a very well-recognized school of Business and Social Science, operating campuses in Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, while also being associated with schools in Palma de Mallorca and Alcalá de Guadaira in Seville. The institution was established in 1984; currently it is ranked among some of the top business schools in Spain. The degrees offered are bachelor’s in Business Management, Marketing Management, and Tourism Management; master’s in Business Management a...See complete description.
ESNE, Escuela de diseño - University in Spain
C/ Alfonso XIII nº 97, Madrid
ESNE, Escuela de diseño is an university centre affiliated to the Camilo José Cela University in Madrid. It is dedicated to the design, new technologies and innovation, channelling their students in creativity and talent, in order to achieve the proper training that will ensure them success in their profession. ...See complete description.
ETSIT, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - University in Spain
Avenida Complutense nº 30, Ciudad Universitaria , Madrid
ETSIT, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is aimed at the training of professionals in the field of engineering of telecommunication, looking for their integration in business and social reality. ...See complete description.
Exitae, Escuela Universitaria de Formación Abierta - University in Spain
C/ Alonso Cano, 44-46, Madrid
Exitae, Escuela Universitaria de Formación Abierta offers courses online, being one of the pioneers in this activity. Their courses are diverse, such as degrees, postgraduate courses and masters. ...See complete description.
Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales (UAM) - University in Spain
C/ Francisco Tomás y Valiente, 5 · Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid
The Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales (UAM)) was founded in 1978. It is currently very dynamic and enterprising, since, thanks to agreements signed with universities around the world, students can study a part of career in different countries. ...See complete description.
Facultad de Informática. Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, campus Madrid - University in Spain
Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid   - University in Spain
Calle del Arzobispo Morcillo, 4, Madrid
The Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Madrid is located next to the University Hospital de La Paz. There are around 1,800 students currently. The degrees offered are: Medicine, Nursing, Biochemistry, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, the last two in collaboration with the Faculty of Sciences at the UAM. Students conduct their practices in six hospitals linked. ...See complete description.
FEF - Fundación de Estudios Financieros - University in Spain
Avenida de Brasil, 17, 3º, Madrid
FEF - Fundación de Estudios Financieros is a private institution, founded in 1991, which dedicates its activity around the financial markets. One of its objectives is the training, classroom training, and online. ...See complete description.
C/ Asura, 40, Madrid
Formatik, was founded in 1972, in Madrid. Since then, more than 20,000 students, have been trained in different study areas, such as tourism, marketing and communication. ...See complete description.
Casado del Alisal, 5, Madrid
The Center for Monetary and Financial Studies (CEMFI) is an institution, established by the Bank of Spain in 1987. Its main purpose is to provide graduate education and research in economics. CEMFI makes available a high-quality Graduate Program, leading to the official degrees of Master in Economics and Finance and PhD in Economics. The Master in Economics and Finance is a two-year full-time program, which aims to prepare students for a wide variety of public and private careers. It also serv...See complete description.
Fundación Ortega-Marañón - University in Spain
C/ Fortuny, 53, Madrid
The Fundación Ortega-Marañón is a private institution, dedicated to cultural diffusion, related to training and research in the social sciences and humanities. The Centre carries out activities as diverse as: postgraduate training, University education for foreign students, applied research and documentation on international relations, seminars and congresses, conferences and courses for teachers of Spanish, among others. ...See complete description.
C/ Pedro Salinas, 11. Edificio anexo, 2ª planta, Madrid
Fundación Universidad Empresa is an institution which, in collaboration with Public Universities of Madrid, complements the training of students newly graduates in various fields, through post-graduate courses. ...See complete description.
Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal - University in Spain
Carretera de Colmenar Viejo, km. 9,100, Madrid
The Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal is a publicly owned hospital and health education center, dependent on the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid and integrated into the Madrid Health Service (SERMAS). Since the beginning of its activities in 1977, the institution has sought to provide users with an efficient and high-quality service. The health center cultivates the three aspects of a quality hospital in its class: focused patient care, teaching and research. The major ...See complete description.
C/ / Profesor Aranguren, s/n(dentro del edificio de la Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Caminos), Madrid
ICE - Instituto de Ciencias de la Educación, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid....See complete description.
Edificio Elcano,Paseo General Martínez Campos, 46, Madrid
IDE-CESEM, Instituto de Directivos de Empresa is an institution founded over forty years ago in Madrid and is dedicated to the training of professionals, in order to generate employment, wealth and well-being. The programs offered are in presential modality and e-learning....See complete description.
IE Business School - University in Spain
María de Molina, 11. 28006 , Madrid
IE Business School is one of seven schools under the cap of IE, and is considered to be one of the best business schools in the world. It is located in Madrid, and more precisely in the heart of Madrid’s Financial District. Additionally, the school is proud with the international environment it offers to students – Master, Doctorate, and Executive Education programs are taught to students representing over 80 nationalities. IE Business school has gained its accreditation by EQUIS (European ...See complete description.
IEB - Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles - University in Spain
C/ Alfonso XI, 6, Madrid
Headquartered in the capital city of Madrid, the Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles, or IEB, is currently Spain’s leading official center in the field of financial education and training. The institute, which is affiliated with Madrid’s Complutense University, is sponsored by the Madrid Stock Exchange. The main goal of the IEB is to provide high quality financial education programs with a practical approach. The institute accomplishes this aim via its excellent team of faculty and lectu...See complete description.
IED Madrid, Centro Superior de Diseño - University in Spain
C/ Flor Alta 8, Madrid
IED Madrid, Centro Superior de Diseño was founded over forty five years ago and is dedicated to the training on design, fashion and visual communication studies. It has three offices currently located in Brazil, Italy and Spain. ...See complete description.
C/ Rosa Jardón, 1, Madrid
IEDE Business School is located in Madrid, Spain, and specializes in master’s programs in the fields of Hotel Management and Tourism, Finance Law, Management, and Marketing and Communication. It is an international school member of Laureate International Universities, which is known to be a leader in higher education throughout the world. Furthermore, IEDE is the only Business School with campuses on three different continents – in Madrid, Shanghai and Santiago (Chile). All of the programs o...See complete description.
Camino del Cerro del Aguila, 3 (Ctra. Castilla Km. 5,180), Madrid
IESE Business School was founded in 1958 in Barcelona, and at first it acted as the graduate business school of the University of Navarra. The school’s two-year program was the first of its kind in Europe, as it was established with the support of group of professors from Harvard University. A number of other joint programs with top US universities have also been developed throughout the years. The Madrid campus is located in the outskirts of the city, only 20 minutes away of the busy capita...See complete description.
Torre Cristal - Cuatro Torres Business Area Paseo de la Castellana 259C, Madrid
Innovate Business School Institute (IIBS) is an International Business School based in Madrid, which operates in the field of postgraduate education, with a special focus on international Master and MBA programs, as well as specialized executive programs. Our strong international focus is reflected in the development of graduate programs, Master and MBA together with prestigious academic and training to international institutions such as the University of California, Berkeley Extension, the ...See complete description.
Costanilla de San Pedro, 2, Madrid
IMF Business School is an institution of higher education of postgraduate studies, located in Madrid. Its programs, related to renewable energy, human resources, and safety and health, among others, are taught in classroom and distance learning. ...See complete description.
Santísima Trinidad, 5, Madrid
The Institución Universitaria Mississippi is a collaborating institution of postgraduate programmes of the University of Alcalá. It is situated in Madrid and brings more than 20 years through its degree and graduate programs. ...See complete description.
Julián Romea, 22, Madrid
The Institute for European Studies is part of the San Pablo-CEU University and is a Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence. It was established in 1999, and specializes in university research, in the study and analysis of European Union affairs as well as other aspects of international relations. Some of the more interesting programs it offers are the Master in International Business Law, the Master in International Relations, and the Master in European Union. The main goal of the center is to...See complete description.
Instituto de Postgrado y Formación Contínua - University in Spain
Universidad de Comillas - Rey Francisco, 4, Madrid
The Instituto de Postgrado y Formación Contínua, orthe “Institute of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education,” is a branch of the Pontifical University of Comillas, a well-established Spanish university committed to student growth.  About the Pontifical University of Comillas The Pontifical University of Comillas is a private Catholic institution of higher learning, offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a wide range of subject areas, as well as specialized cou...See complete description.
C/ Miguel Ángel 18 - 3º ext., Madrid
Velázquez, 80, Madrid
Calle Pirineos, 55, Madrid
The Instituto Superior de Estudios Profesionales (ISEP CEU is located in Madrid and began its activity in 1995. Their study programas are in classroom and distance learning. ...See complete description.
Asociado al Centro Universitario Villanueva, Madrid
C/ Moscatelar, 10-12, Madrid
El Instituto Superior de Protocolo y Eventos (ISPE) was founded over twenty years ago in Masdrid and has specialized in advanced training in Protocol, organization of events, production and institutional relations. It collaborates with the University Camilo José Cela. ...See complete description.
Madrid, Madrid
Instituto Superior de Técnicas y Prácticas Bancarias (ISTPB) was founded in 1979 and is dedicated to the specialized training relating to finance, both financial institutions and companies, in person and online....See complete description.
Avda. Llano Castellano, 13, 5ª Planta, Madrid
Calle Diego de León, 7, Madrid
MOBS - Madrid Business School is an online, highest quality professional training, giving the student the possibility of study from anywhere and with the schedule that best meets his needs. ...See complete description.
Doctor Mata 2, Madrid
The Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid was founded by Queen María Christina in 1830, who was very fond of music. Its headquarters was initially in the Mostenses Plaza. At present, is located in the vicinity of the National Center of art Reina Sofia.Among its objectives arises as the modernization of the Centre through the introduction of new technologies and its openness to the outside....See complete description.
Avenida de Nazaret, 2, Madrid
RESAD is the first Spanish school of theatre, which roots can be traced back to 1830, when the Royal Conservatory of Music and Declamation was established. In 1951, Music and Performing arts were separated, and the Royal Academy of Dance and Drama came into existence. The school is located in the center of Madrid, near Retiro Park, consisting of a modern building and two theatres. The degrees offered at the school now are Bh. ones: Acting, Stage Direction & Dramaturgy, and Design. Furthermore...See complete description.
Saint Louis University, Madrid - University in Spain
Avda. del Valle, 34, Madrid
Saint Louis University - Madrid Campus is the Spanish branch of Saint Louis University. It is an American Jesuit university, established in 1818. The Madrid campus began as a study abroad program of Saint Louis University in the 1960s, and received official recognition as a university in Spain in 1996. The Madrid Campus offers the degree programs in Business Administration/International Business; Political Science/International Relations; Spanish Language and Literature; Communication; English (...See complete description.
Schiller International University, Madrid - University in Spain
Calle Serrano, 156, Madrid
The educational mission of Schiller International University is to prepare students, personally and professionally, for future leadership roles in an international setting. In its undergraduate and graduate degree programs, Schiller provides students with the competencies they need for professional careers as well as for further academic study. The educational process puts particular emphasis on developing international and cross-cultural competencies through foreign language training, interc...See complete description.
Suffolk University, Madrid Campus - University in Spain
Calle Viña, 3, Madrid
Suffolk University is a private university, located in Boston, Massachusetts, which was established as a law school in 1906. It operates three international campuses, one of which is the one in Madrid, Spain. The Madrid Campus was founded on a liberal arts philosophy and management approach to education. The courses offered cover the areas of art history, business, communication, computer science, English, government, history, science, sociology, Spanish and general education requirements. Th...See complete description.
C/ López de Hoyos 370, Madrid
Tracor, The Arts Institute - Madrid...See complete description.
, Madrid
The Madrid Open University is an innovative institution, committed to the delivery of flexible learning methods to those who wish to integrate these in their busy lifestyle. The online campus of the university is open 24 hours a day - through advanced technologies it enables unlimited communication between students and their instructors. The institution grants Professional Degrees that have been developed under the guidelines of the Bologna process, and are therefore acknowledged throughout the ...See complete description.
UIBS / Madrid Business School - University in Spain
Carrera de San Jeronimo, Madrid
We are an established global umbrella organization for schools, colleges and universities offering undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, corporate training and executive education programs in the field of business and management.Our truly global community of students, faculty and staff, is made up of over 85 different nationalities from around the world, with students showing great appreciation for cultural diversity and entrepreneurial initiative.Students can choose between multiple starting d...See complete description.
Marie Curie, 9 Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, y C/ Alberto Aguilera 7 Madrid, Madrid
Universidad CEU San Pablo  - University in Spain
Vicerrectorado de Relaciones Internacionales, C/ Julián Romea, 23, Madrid
La Universidad CEU San Pablo is a private institution founded 75 years ago, with about seven thousand students and 890 faculty. The University is oriented in the excellent training of its students, as well as to enhance the values of Christian humanism and culture. ...See complete description.
Isaac Peral s/n, Madrid
The Complutense University of Madrid is known to be one of the oldest universities in the world. Its origins go back to 1293, when it was established as Estudio de Escuelas Generales de Alcalá. Its Schools of Philosophy, Spanish Literature, History, Pharmacy, Optometry, Journalism, Psychology, and Sociology hold the top rankings in the country, while the university itself is recognized as the best public institution in Spain. The campus of the university is located in the center of Madrid, and...See complete description.
Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo - University in Spain
Vicerrectorado de Lenguas e Internacionalización, Isaac Peral, 23, Madrid
Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP) is an institution of higher education founded in 1932. They provide courses in the summer, mainly courses of spanish language and culture for foreigners. ...See complete description.
Paseo Juan XXIII, 11, Madrid
The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid was founded in 1971 through the merger of different Technical Schools of Engineering and Architecture. The institution ranks as the top technical university in Spain with the majority of its Engineering Schools considered among the best in Europe. Furthermore, the UPM is part of the TIME network, which groups fifty engineering schools throughout Europe. The university consists of the schools of Architecture, Naval Engineering, Mining Engineering, Civil E...See complete description.
C/ Alberto Aguilera, 23, Madrid
Comillas Pontifical University was founded in 1890 in the town of Comillas, Spain, but moved to Madrid in 1969. It is a private university, and at the same time a catholic institution, run by the Society of Jesus. The university is ranked 5th in Spain for its law degrees, and 4th for its engineering degrees. It is also known for the various exchange programs it offers, as it has developed relationships with over 200 Higher Education Institutions around the world to offer students a variety of in...See complete description.
Calle Fortuny 39, 1ª planta, Madrid
The Universidad Tomás Moro is an institution of higher education for people over 40 years old. It is located in Madrid and their programmes are related to the area of the humanities. ...See complete description.
Vatel, International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management - University in Spain
Vatel Madrid, Calle Marqués de la Ensenada nº 12, Madrid
The international school in hotel management & tourism Vatel has been dedicated, during 30 years, to the training of international hospitality management. ...See complete description.