The Guide for International Students Coming to Spain

According to a recent US News study Spain was ranked the third most popular destination for US students going abroad. Spain is highly popular due to the great weather, affordable living standards, a highly social culture and active nightlife for young people and the close proximity to other interesting parts of Europe.

In this section we have a comprehensive list of articles and resources for international students coming to Spain. This guide will give you an opportunity to research many important aspects of your stay and studies in Spain before booking your flight and making arrangements.

What you should know before arriving to Spain

  1. The first thing you may want to do is prepare yourself for the cultural adjustment and research some of the interesting things you will visit on your trip, as exposed in this article.
  2. Of course, you must attain a student visa for your time abroad in Spain.
  3. Financing your trip may be a challenge, here you can find resources to acquire financial aid for studying in Spain.
  4. How will you choose your university or study program?
  5. Here you can review the academic calendar and important dates for universities in Spain.
  6. Once you arrive you may need to open a bank account while in Spain to be able to rent an apartment or take care of other living necessities.
  7. Of course you’ll also need to find a place to rent in Spain.
  8. Communication is pretty easy these days, nevertheless it’s good to know all your calling and phone options in Spain.

Erasmus+ Scholarship

Many international students come to Spain from all over Europe and in recent years also from other parts of the world through the widely popular Erasmus+ scholarship. Here can find extensive information on Erasmus programs.

As rules and requirements may be updated from year to year be sure to discuss up to date Erasmus policies with your home university or organization.

Schools and Study Programs in Spain

At you can find all types of international schools to attend in Spain.

Spain’s Top 10 Study Abroad Cities

You’re probably somewhat familiar with Spain’s two most important cities, Madrid and Barcelona, but Spain actually has several more popular international student destinations.

Click here to browse all cities in Spain.

Internships in Spain

You may want to get some valuable job experience to go with your studies while in Spain. Here we have more information on finding internships in Spain.

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