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History of Spain
Spanish Authors and Literature in Spain
Spanish literature can simply be understood as the body of literary works created in Spain. These works are categorized into three main language divisions. These are Galician, Catalan, and Castilian. History of Spanish literature The history of Spanish literature can be tracked back many centuries ago. Over this period, Spanish literature has been influenced a  [...]
El 2 de Mayo en Madrid, the 2nd of May of 1808
El 2 de Mayo, or the 2nd day of May, is a very important day in Madrid, Spain, as well as in the surrounding towns and villages. The date marks the anniversary of an uprising against French troops in Madrid that occurred on May 2, 1808, an uprising which would eventually lead to Spain’s War  [...]
The History of Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain has a rich and colorful history, beginning with the theories regarding the origins of its name. Legend has it the city was founded by Ocno Bianor, son of King Tyrrhenius of Tuscany and Mantua, who named the settlement “Metragirta”—a name that over time was shortened to “Madrid.” Despite this legend (and many more  [...]
Languages in Spain
For much of Spain´s history, people in each region of the country spoke their own language. Then, in 1939, General Francisco Franco, a dictator who ruled Spain until 1975, outlawed all languages except Castilian, the language of central Spain. Today, many people in Spain speak Castilian, along with their regional language. These languages include Catalan,  [...]
The Roman legacy of Spain
The contributions of Rome to Spain are truly significant.  It includes language, government, culture, religion, architecture and infrastructure.  On the other hand, Spain natural resources were obviously useful in further expanding the Roman Empire. The Iberian Peninsula (“Hispania” in Latin) is the term used by the Romans to refer collectively to modern Portugal, Spain, Andorra,  [...]
History in Spain
In1868, a farmer discovered paintings in a cave in the Cantabrian Mountains, in northern Spain. The pictures that he found in the Altamira caves date from 15,000 to 8500 B.C. They show bison, wild boars, and other animals that people hunted at that time. They were painted by the first people to live in Spain  [...]
Gibraltar: Little Territory, Lot at Stake
Table of Contents Chapter One: Presentation of Gibraltar Gibraltar ‘s Geographic Features Gibraltar, an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom Gibraltar ‘s History The Origins of the Gibraltarian People Gibraltar in the 18th and 19th Centuries Gibraltar in the Two World Wars Gibraltar in the Second Half of the 20th Century Gibraltar Nowadays Gibraltar’s Political  [...]
The History of Spanish Literature
Spain´s earliest literature consisted of poems, plays, and essays written by the Romans in Latin. Later, when the Moors ruled Spain, they encouraged writers to produce works in Arabic, particularly poetry. Jews who lived in Spain during this time wrote poems and books in Hebrew. El Cid Campeador Almost 900 years ago, Spanish entertainers wrote  [...]
A Brief History of Caceres, Spain
Caceres, the capital of Upper Extremadura, is characterized by its constant evolution from Roman times to the present day. It has 2 distinctive periods, the Arab stronghold before it fell to the Christians in 1229 and the feudal city, between the 14th and 16th. This urban complex was declared a World Heritage Site in 1986.  [...]