Mason restaurants in Spanish and tapas of Spanish culture

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Like all cities in Europe, Madrid has a number of restaurants offering huge varieties. Though Spanish food is pretty famous here, any kind of food can be found here! The popularity of restaurants is mainly due to fresh produces being transported to it easily and daily, directly to MercaMadrid, the central center for distribution. It transports it to other related places.

Due to Madrid representing the varied communities, the regional cuisines like Valencia, fresh fruits, sea food, and fish are transported to it from various Spanish cities.

In the mountainous region beside Madrid, about sixty kilometers from Colmenar del Arroyo is placed the El mesón de Doña Filo, which is a treat for any visitor to Spain, even though it takes nearly ninety minutes to reach the spot. What makes the restaurant even more popular is the cozy size coupled with the serene and plain decoration within. This restaurant is run by Inma Redondo and Julio Reoyo, and it has the Cantabrian and the Mediterranean charm in their kitchen. With careful selection of the ingredients, a great choice is offered even if only 5 items comprise the menu. The casquería deserves a distinct mention over here. Besides, they have a great list of wine which serves for a perfect welcome to the restaurant. Also, the prices of the food items are not sky high here. Julio Reoyo is also the manager of Restaurante Villena, which as the name implies, is another restaurant.


Tapas is the name given to many appetizers of the Spanish food. These appetizers can be warm like the puntillitas, baby squid, or even cold like cheese and mixed olives. In the UK and the US, tapas are known as a full cuisine where at restaurants specializing in Spanish food, people order different varieties of tapas and make it into an entire meal. History has it that the tradition of tapas commenced due to the recovery of King Alfonso’s illness which was possible due to wine consumption and having light dishes in between two meals. Once fully recovered, the King commanded the taverns to serve wine to guests and permit people to drink.

As per The Joy of Cooking, the bread slices which were made use of by sherry drinkers to cover their drink glasses when not consuming sips, were actually tapas. This was basically done to keep flies at bay, and keep them away from the sherry. With time, this piece of bread amounted to significant contribution while drinking, and it assumed similar importance as of the sherry.

Spain has a history of incorporating influences and contents of varied cultures into itself, and this is where the tapas’ origination took place. The Romans, who had invaded the entire east coast, bought forward the use of olive and the methods of irrigation. Then, the Moors of North Africa who invaded in the eighth century took the olive, almonds, fragrant spices and also citrus fruit, South. Their presence looms large till date, seventy decades hence. With the new world’s re-discovery, tomatoes, chili peppers, potatoes, maize, beans and sweet were also grown and consumed in Spain!