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Dar calabazas
You’ve probably heard the Spanish idiom “dar calabazas.” And you´ve probably heard it in two very different instances. You might have heard: “Esa chica me dio calabazas” and “en el examen me dieron calabazas.” Does “dar calabazas” mean the same thing in these two cases? Well, yes and no. They both imply some form of  [...]
Beberse los vientos
You might have heard in Spain the idiom “beber los vientos;” for instance: “Pepe se bebe los vientos por Mari.” And what they are literally saying is that Pepe is drinking the winds for Mari, but figuratively that he is madly in love or crazy about her. The dictionary of the Real Academia Española explains  [...]
En casa del herrero cuchillo de palo
There is a saying similar to the Spanish “en casa del herrero, cuchillo de palo”in any countries and in even more languages. But what does it really mean? The literal translation of the Spanish saying is: in the blacksmith’s house, wooden knife. And you can somewhat get what the phrase is saying. The blacksmith is  [...]
A pie juntillas
“A pie juntillas” is an adverbial phrase that could be translated as blindly, without a doubt or without hesitation. An adverbial phrase is a group of words that do the work of an adverb in a phrase. So when you hear “me lo creí a pie juntillas,” you should understand “I believed it without hesitation.”  [...]
Darse con un canto en los dientes
With the idiomatic expression “darse con un canto en los dientes” we continue our weekly explanations of Spain’s popular sayings and proverbs. This one is a little tricky as we could not find an explanation of where the saying came from, that made enough sense to us. First, the literally meaning of the saying is  [...]
Ponerse las botas
When you hear the Spanish words “ponerse las botas” (such as “en el restaurante me puse las botas”) you could very well think that person is talking about someone putting on his or her boots. And that could just be it. “Botas” are translated for boots and “ponerse” means to put on. So to put  [...]