Spain’s Top 3 Cities

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Spain is arguably the best European country when it comes to exotic cities, the Spanish Cities are beautiful with a rich heritage. Here are some of the best cities in Spain.


Madrid is the capital city of Spain and it also happens to be the largest city in the country, its diversity tends to leave visitors in awe. It is always time well spent in Madrid because there are a host of places to visit in the capital city. Madrid is a must visit for football fanatics, it is the home to Real Madrid Football Club; one can see the rich history of the club upon visiting The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

A trip to Madrid would hardly be complete without visiting Sol, it is Madrid’s most famous plaza and visitors flock from all corners of the world to visit. Gran Via is also a very important tourist attraction, it is arguably the most famous street in Madrid.


The Guadi architecture in Barcelona makes it a must visit city in Spain, the city life in Barcelona is really vibrant and this is another factor because of which several tourists’ visit Barcelona. Barcelona also happens to be the second largest city in Spain. Walking down the Les Rambles is a real pleasure and the visitors can also cut into the old city to see ancient architecture.

The Picasso Museum is an attraction and it is also important to walk around the neighborhood to get a good feel of it.

Passeig de Gràcia is another great attraction, doing some window shopping would surely be a pleasurable experience.

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Seville is as beautiful as any other city in Spain but visiting the city in summers is definitely a bad idea because it is really hot and humid.

In the year 1248 the Muslims residing in Seville were forced to flee, the influence of Ferdinand III helped in revamping the city, there were several Churches that were built back then and many tourists’ come to the city to see those ancient churches.

One must certainly visit Plaza de la Virgen de los Reyes and Plaza del Triunfo in Seville; these are arguably the main attractions in the city.

The Santa Cruz neighborhood also known as the Barrio de Santa Cruz is also a must visit for every tourist, it is an important spot because the neighborhood is much different from any other neighborhood and it gives a feel of the ancient times, this is what sets it apart from any other neighborhood in Spain.