Spanish Culture

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The culture in Spain is very unique, the Spanish are very welcoming and the country is known for its exotic beaches and lots of sunshine. Spain is also called the land of bullfighting because bullfighting is a very popular sport in Spain.

Spain is one of the culture centers of Europe and it has been called so for several years now. The artistic heritage in Spain is second to none; Francisco de Goya was a very popular painter of the 18th century. His portraits of royalty are still preserved by the Spanish because these portraits are believed to be very special.

There were many ambassadors of art in Spain; the likes of Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro and Salvador Dali have left their undying mark on the Spanish culture.

The invention of the Spanish guitar was a significant moment in the development of the Spanish culture, the guitar was invented in the 1970s and it is now played all across the globe. This also goes to show the global reach of the Spanish culture.

The Spanish literature is as rich as the Spanish culture itself, it comprises of Spanish poetry, prose and novels written by Spanish and Latin American writers.

The Spanish Cuisine is really unique in more ways than one, the Roman, Jewish and the Arab tradition has had a significant impact on the Spanish cuisine. The strong influence of Moorish people in Spain also reflects on the Spanish cuisine.

Olive oil is very widely used across Spain, 44% of world’s olives are produced by Spain. Lard and butter are also used in Spain.

The open air markets are slowly disappearing in Spain, supermarkets have also displaced open air markets in Madrid and Barcelona and more and more open air markets are being displaced almost every day, this also means that people who used to reply on fresh ingredients from the open air markets must now turn their attention towards supermarkets.

Serving tapas with a drink is a very popular custom in Spain. Sherry, wine and beer are the usual drinks served with the tapas. There are some cities in Spain where tapas are served free with a drink and this has become really popular in the country. There are many bars in Spain that serve something edible for free when a drink is ordered while there are some others that primarily exist to serve a purchased tapa.

Sofrito is also very frequently used by Spaniards to start the preparation of several dishes. Onions and garlic is used as major seasonings. The Spaniards like drinking wine with their meals and this has almost become a custom. Bread is also very frequently consumed by the Spaniards, during the summers salad becomes indispensible. Tarts and cakes are eaten as desserts on special occasions in Spain.