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Discover Spain is an exciting, 10-day guided tour that highlights the richness of Spanish history and culture throughout the ages! Spanning from the Roman and Al-Andalus periods, through the Middle Ages to the Golden Age of Spain, this tour is a combination of fascinating history, art and culture. Included in the package is a stay at a four star hotel- a majestic 15th century castle-palace!


Day 1: Arrival and Toledo

Your SpainExchange guides will be awaiting your arrival at Madrid Barajas airport. After collecting your luggage a tour bus will take your group to your first travel destination, the spectacular medieval city of Toledo . Enjoy an evening stroll through its winding streets and an impressive panoramic view of the city that was immortalized in a painting by El Greco. Dinner will be provided for you in a local restaurant.

Day 2: Toledo

After breakfast in your hotel your SpainExchange and local guides will take you on a tour of the many treasures of this small fortress city: the Gothic Cathedral, El Greco’s famous painting, the Santa Maria la Blanca Synagogue (constructed by Moorish craftsmen in the 15th century and later seized by the Christians). Enjoy lunch and free time to explore this historical city before a traditional Spanish “cena” or dinner in a local restaurant.

Day 3: Cáceres

Start the day off with breakfast and get ready to journey to our next SpainExchange destination- the historical city of Cáceres. Observe the blend of Roman, Arabic, Gothic, and Italian Renaissance characteristics in the architecture. Spend the afternoon soaking up the Spanish culture of Extremadura, and have a relaxing evening followed by dinner in your hotel.

Day 4: Merida

Your SpainExchange guides and tour bus will meet you after breakfast to whisk you off to the Roman city of Merida . Get a glimpse of the Roman Empire in its glory! Your SpainExchange guides and a local tour guide will take you on a journey to the past as you visit the spectacular Roman theater, amphitheater and the National Museum of Roman Art. Spend the afternoon catching up on your gift shopping or relaxing in a “tapas” café, (a typical Spanish pastime!) before having dinner in your hotel followed by a good night’s sleep.

Day 5: Zafra

Get ready for a day of culture, history and Spanish hospitality in-style! Once your group has prepared for departure, your guide will accompany you to the city of Zafra , in the province of Extremadura . Your group will stay the night in the Parador de Zafra: a 15th century castle-palace and four-star hotel. The famous conqueror Hernán Cortes is among some of its illustrious guests. Enjoy this truly old-world, European experience complete with a formal dinner. As one student remarked, “I feel like a princess!”

Day 6: Córdoba

You will only be glad you left the castle when you arrive in the beautiful Andalusian city of Córdoba ! This city is situated on the important Guadalquivir River and was founded by the Romans in 169 BC. Your SpainExchange guides will enjoy taking your group on an evening walk through this center of Spanish culture, bull fighting and flamenco music.

Day 7: Córdoba and La Mancha

After breakfast in your hotel, a guided tour will be provided to show you some of the fascinating edifices you discovered the night before. Perhaps the most spectacular is the “Mezquita”: a Cathedral-Mosque built by the Moors and later turned into a Roman Catholic cathedral. Other highlights include the historic Jewish Quarter and the Torre de la Calahorra. In the afternoon your guides will accompany you on your way to La Mancha , home to one of the most memorable figures of world literature.

Day 8: La Mancha

En un lugar de la Mancha, de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme, no ha mucho tiempo que vivía un hidalgo… Prepare yourself to follow in the footsteps of Miguel de Cervantes and his hero, Don Quixote. Your guides will take you to various locations found in this great literary classic: the Cueva de Montesinos, the giant-windmills of La Mancha , “las Ventas” and finally to the prison where the distinguished author found himself. In the afternoon you will depart for the Spanish capital of Madrid .

Day 9: Madrid

Spend your last day in Spain on a walking tour of historic Madrid . Your tour will include a visit to the Royal Palace and the Catherdral of the Almudena, site of the royal wedding in the Summer of 2004. Take a tour of the magnificent El Prado Museum, home to famous paintings by Velázquez, Goya and El Greco. A farewell dinner will take place in a typical Spanish “meson”.

Day 10: Departure

Your SpainExchange guides will escort you to the airport and assist to assure that you have everything you need for your trip back home. ¡Buen viaje!



Cities visited

Sites / Activities

Learning Objectives

Night spent at


Arrival in Madrid , travel to Toledo

Walking tour of the city

Intro to Spanish History, Toledo Medieval architecture




Cathedral, El Greco’s painting, Synagogue

History of Spain and Toledo



Travel to Cáceres

The Medieval City of Cáceres

The Middle Ages, the discovery of America



Travel to Merida

Roman Amphitheater and Theater, Roman Art Museum

The Roman Empire and Spain



Travel to Zafra

Zafra Castle

Castle life in the 15th century



Travel to Córdoba

Walking tour of Córdoba

Spanish Architecture



Córdoba, Alcázar de San Juan

The “Mezquita”, Torre de la Calahorra , Jewish Quarter

El-Andalus legacy, the Moorish invasion, the Reconquest of Spain

Alcázar de San Juan


Argamasilla, El Toboso, Consuegra

Cervantes’s prison, Cueva de Medrano, Windmills, “las Ventas”

The life of Cervantes, Don Quixote de la Mancha




Royal Palace , El Prado Museum, walking tour of historic Madrid

History of Madrid , the Spanish Monarchy, Spanish art and architecture




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