Spanish Literature Tour

Let SpainExchange take your group on a tour of the country of literary giants like Miguel de Cervantes, Federico García Lorca, Benito Perez Galdós and Tirso de Molina! Our Spanish Literature Tour explores the lives of important Spanish authors and visits the actual places where their stories came to life! This tour includes a visit to the inspiration of Washington Irvin’s, Tales of the Alhambra in beautiful Granada !


Day 1 : Arrival and Granada

Your SpainExchange guides will be awaiting your arrival at Madrid Barajas airport. After collecting your luggage your tour bus will take your group to your first travel destination, the enchanting city of Granada . Your group will enjoy a walk around the historical center and an evening view of, La Alhambra palace, inspiration for Washington Irvin’s book Tales of the Alhambra . Dinner will be provided for your group.

Day 2: Granada

SpainExchange will take your group on a tour of the Alhambra , the royal palace of the Arab kings. Spend the afternoon with your guides, exploring the old center of this ancient city with a visit to the Albacin Quarters. Granada is also the city where Federico Garcia Lorca lived and studied between 1909 and 1919. Enjoy a relaxing “cena”, or typical Spanish dinner in your hotel followed by a good night’s sleep!

Day 3 : Fuentevaqueros, Valderrubio and Alcázar de San Juan

After breakfast at your hotel, your SpainExchange guides will take you to Fuentevaqueros where Garcia Lorca was born in 1898. Traces of his rural Andalusian roots are found throughout his work. In the neighboring Andalusian village of Valderrubio your group will visit the sight that inspired Lorca’s play La casa de Bernarda Alba . Free time will be provided to have lunch before travelling north to the Alcázar de San Juan located in the province of Castilla-La Mancha .

Day 4: La Mancha

En un lugar de la Mancha, de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme, no ha mucho tiempo que vivía un hidalgo… Prepare yourself to follow in the footsteps of don Miguel de Cervantes and his hero, Don Quixote. Your guides will take you to the prison (for a visit!) where the distinguished author found himself, as well as to various locations found in this great literary work: the Cueva de Montesinos, Lagunas de Ruidera, El Toboso, Puerto Lapice and Consuegra the windmills and “las Ventas”. Exchange your favorite adventures of Don Quixote over dinner at your hotel.

Day 5: Toledo

Your SpainExchange guides will meet your group to take you to the medieval city Toledo . You will visit the 13th century Alfonso X School of Translators. This center was used by Christian, Jewish and Muslim scholars with the purpose of translating ancient texts into the vernacular language. Toledo is also the province of Fernando de Rojas , author of La Celestina . Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer chose Toledo as a setting for his 19th century book Leyendas. Your group will be taken on a guided visit of the Gothic Cathedral of Toledo, and see El Greco’s painting The Burial of Count Orgaz . Spend the evening strolling through the narrow streets and admiring the many shops filled with world-renowned Spanish swords, hand-crafted in Toledo .

Day 6: Salamanca and Oviedo

Pack your bags and head off to Salamanca , one of the most fascinating cities in Spain ! The University of Salamanca was founded in 1218, and is one of the first universities in the world. Visit the Casa Museo de Unamuno, a museum dedicated to this brilliant 20th century philosopher and writer, who was also a professor at the University. In the afternoon, you will follow the footsteps of those famous Spanish “pícaros” Lazarillo de Tormes and El Buscón . After having a typical Spanish “merienda” (afternoon snack) SpainExchange will take you to the historic city of Oviedo .

Day 7: Oviedo , Burgos and Madrid

After breakfast in your hotel, SpainExchange will take you on a tour of the city that Leopoldo Alas Clarin dubbed “Vetusta” for his classic realistic novel La Regenta . In the afternoon, you will make your way to Madrid , stopping to see the magnificent Cathedral of Burgos and the monument to El Cid “Campeador”, the hero of the Spanish Reconquest. Your group will arrive in Madrid and enjoy a relaxing dinner at your hotel.

Day 8: Madrid

Throughout the centuries, Madrid has been a meeting point for Spain ‘s literary giants. Your SpainExchange guides will take you through the streets of neighborhoods described by Tirso de Molina. You will also follow the footsteps of Benito Perez Galdós and the characters he describes in his novels Fortuna and Jacinta and Misericordia . After lunch your group will have a guided tour of the historical center of Madrid and its Royal Palace built by King Phillip II.

Day 9: Madrid

After your first day in Madrid you will be grateful to have a second day to see more! In the morning, SpainExchange will take you to see the beautiful 16th century Retiro Park, where the works of playwrights like Lope de Vega were performed for the royal court. Promenade down the Paseo del Prado, and observe the fine 18th century architecture commissioned by King Charles III. After lunch your tour will highlight the Spanish literature of the 20th century: García Lorca, Miguel Mihura and Ramón del Valle-Inclan. Have dinner in your hotel and get a good night’s rest in preparation for your last day in Spain !

Day 10: Alcalá de Hernares

Your SpainExchange guides will take you on a short trip outside of Madrid to the village of Alcalá de Hernares . During the Spanish Golden Age, the town was known for its great University attended by both Lope de Vega and Quevedo. Your day will include a visit to the Museo Casa de Cervantes, a museum dedicated to the famous writer born in this town. In the afternoon, your tour guides will show you the site of the annual festival dedicated to José Zorrilla’s and his play Don Juan Tenorio.

Day 11: Departure

Your SpainExchange guides will escort you to the airport and assist to assure that you have everything you need for your trip back home. ¡Buen viaje!



Cities visited

Sites / Activities

Learning objectives

Night spent at


Arrival in Madrid , travel to Granada

Walking tour of Granada

Intro to Spanish culture and its literature




La Alhambra and the Albaicin

Los cuentos de la Alhambra , Washington Irving



Fuentevaqueros, Valderrubio, Alcazar de San Juan

Lorca’s home and museum

Life of Lorca, El Romancero Gitano and La Casa de Bernalda Alba

Alcazar de San Juan


La Mancha: Lagunas de Ruidera, Toboso, Puerto Lapice, Consuegra

La Cueva de Medrano, Dulcinea’s hometown, las ventas, windmills and the castle.

Cervantes and Don Quixote de la Mancha




Cathedral, Synagogue, Alfonso X School of Translators, El Greco’s painting, walking tour of Toledo

13th century translation, La Celestina by Fernando de Rojas, Leyendas by Bécquer



Salamanca , Oviedo

The University of Salamanca , walking tour of Salamanca

Miguel de Unamuno, La novela picaresca: El Lazarrillo and El Buscon by Quevedo



Oviedo, Burgos, Madrid

Walking tour of Oviedo , Cathedral of Burgos and monuments

Leopoldo Alas Clarin’s La Regenta , the realistic novel, El Cid Campeador




Plaza Mayor, walking tour of the historic center, Royal Palace

Literary Madrid: Tirso de Molina, Galdós’ Fortuna y Jacinta and Misericordia




El Prado Museum, Retiro Park

Art and culture, dramaturgy in Spain , Valle-Inclan’s Luces de Bohemia



Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)

University of Alcalá, Casa de Cervantes

The University of the Golden Age, life of Cervantes, Zorrilla’s Don Juan Tenorio




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