Student Housing in Portugal

Below you will find a complete list of apartments, individual rooms, and flats shared with families available for students in Portugal.

portela vale de maceira,
em 555, lousa, 3200-110,
portugal, Coimbra, Portugal
August 16, 2010
set in lovely location, a very spasious 3 bedroomed apartment with all amenities, everything provided, internet access, large sun terrace with... View more.
0 eur / 1500 m² / 3 bedrooms 0 eur/m² / Flat

travessa das condominhas, Aveiro, Portugal
December 8, 2008
Room for rent in a flat. Students generally preferred (with some exceptions). We share the utilities (water, gas, elec, internet/TV). 2 rooms are... View more.
150 eur / 100 m² / 3 bedrooms 2 eur/m² / Shared Flat

Rua Alvaro Gomes, 28 1 A, Porto, Portugal
July 29, 2008
Located very close to the river and sea (nearby you have the youth hostel). Walking distance to the sea and excellent transport to the center (5... View more.
600 eur / 65 m² / 1 bedrooms 9 eur/m² / Flat