Career Colleges and Vocational Schools in The United Kingdom

Beaming White 1 Day Laser Teeth Whitening Course

Harrow, The United Kingdom
Miami White! Is a UK company currently operating within London Camden High Street & Ealing Broadway. They offer the latest treatments in Laser Cosmetic Teeth Whitening as well as Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Training. The company organizes a 1-day Teeth whitening Training, which is executed by experienced Dental Nurses and Technicians.
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Bellerbys College

Brighton, The United Kingdom
Bellerbys College is an educational network of four sixth form colleges aimed at international students. The colleges are located in the UK, and owned by Study Group International. Bellerbys College is coeducational, and provides educational opportunities for students from more than 60 different countries. The college network provides A Level courses over 6 terms, 5 terms, or 3 terms, as well as a foundation program in which students choose from one of 7 subject streams: Business, Finance and Management, Law and International Relations, Engineering and Computer Science, Management... See full description.

Cambridge International College

Leoville, The United Kingdom
Cambridge International College is an accredited British College, specialized in the provision of modern careers training. Students have the option of pursuing courses either through a professional distance-learning system, or with the support of local organizations, making available campus and tutorial assistance. The college has accumulated 70 years of experience in the design and execution of such training, and their staff is fully qualified to provide an excellent level of education. The subject categories available at the college are very wide, but include Bookkeeping, Accounting,... See full description.

Centre Academy London

London, The United Kingdom
Centre Academy London is formed by two special needs schools in the UK - Centre Academy London and Centre Academy East Anglia. At both locations, the institution follows the purpose to provide excellent education, while also enabling students with various learning difficulties to succeed. The school receives students with Dyslexia, AD/HD, Dyspraxia, Asperger Syndrome, Speech and Language problems, and others. Admission is on a case-by-case basis and enrollment is limited to ensure small class sizes for all. At CA London, acceptance is a total of 60 students and at CA East Anglia, a total... See full description.

Chef Academy of London

London, The United Kingdom
Chef Academy Of London offers an effective and practical training program that gives our students all the tools to start a career as a professional chef. during the program you will be followed by one our chef trainers and will have the chance to get an insiders view of the restaurant business. You will deal with every single aspect of a chef's routine, from the choice of fresh products to the balancing of food costs. You will learn all the techniques you will need to start working right away, but the most important aspect is that you will be taught by professionals in a professional... See full description.

CITI Limited

Newport Pagnell, The United Kingdom
CITI is focused on the development of professional project and program management in leading commercial and industrial organizations and the UK public sector. The organization has also made available MSc Managing Major Projects and Programs, which include Portfolio Management courses, Program Management courses, Project Management courses, and Change Management courses.

Coleg Llysfasi

Llysfasi, The United Kingdom
Coleg Llysfasi started its operations in 1911, primarily focusing its education in the agricultural sector, especially agricultural training. The teaching focus is to provide excellent education in specialized fields of study to the students. Over the passage of time other areas of technical training such as hairdressing, Beauty training, Business Management, Information Technology, linguistics were developed successfully. Three types of courses are offered by Llysfasi - full-time (entry level to level 3, vocational to academic), part-time (level 1-6, basic, taster, day release,... See full description.

Cornwall College

St Austell, The United Kingdom
The main campus of Cornwall College is located in St. Austell with other campuses spread all over Cornwall, United Kingdom. Cornwall College has six other campuses spreading over Camborne, Newquay, Saltash, Duchy, Rosewarne and Stole Climsland. Cornwall College is endorsed by the government of UK to provide corporate training. CC also takes special pride in the fact that it is a center of Vocational Excellence in four departments. Cornwall College offers a variety of apprenticeship opportunities from Accounting to Plumbing.

Gloucestershire College

Cheltenham, The United Kingdom
Gloucestershire College is an educational institution with three main sites, based in the UK - Cheltenham, Gloucester and the Royal Forest of Dean. They also operate a number of satellite sites, i.e. a Construction School in Kingsditch and a Mitcheldean campus. The school is a well-known college for further and higher education, providing a wide array of education and training programs. These include A Levels and GCSEs, vocational qualifications, work-based learning, basic skills courses, higher education, short courses for business, part-time day and evening courses and English for... See full description.

London Language and Drama School, STAR TEK associates

London, The United Kingdom
The London Drama School is a specialized school, focused on the Performing Arts. It provides drama courses in small groups. There are intensive, individual, vocational training options available. Furthermore, the school specializes in preparing students for the external Speech and Drama exams and Diplomas with the Trinity Guildhall Speech and Drama Examination Board, as well as for auditions. The mission of the tuition offered is to equip students with all the skills required to become professional actors. On the Full-time, Intensive courses, students will pursue disciplines like... See full description.

London School of Business and Finance

London, The United Kingdom
London School of Business & Finance is a non-profit institution with campuses in the United Kingdom, Canada and Singapore. Its academic portfolio includes Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, professional qualifications, executive training courses. LSBF collaborates with a number of academic institutions as well as with corporate partners so that its academic portfolio consists of up-to-date industry-focused programmes that reflect global market trends. Students from more than 150 countries are currently enrolled at LSBF: students will have the chance to take part in international... See full description.

The TEFL Academy

The TEFL Academy is the UK's leading TEFL course provider. Our courses are designed to effectively teach our students the fundamental skills to enable them to be successful at teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL). There are many TEFL course providers operating in the UK. With so much choice, and with such a vast amount of conflicting information available on the internet, it can be hard for prospective TEFL course students to make the right choice. The TEFL Academy's combined 120 hour TEFL course aims to provide students with accurate information, skills and training to ensure... See full description.
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Wallace College, Edinburgh Scotland

Edinburgh, The United Kingdom
Wallace College is a school, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded in 1972, it aims to help students develop the necessary skills in order to succeed in their academic and professional career. The school is based in the heart of the historic 'Old Town' of Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, close to the Royal Mile. Wallace College is open all year round and provides a diverse program of English Language Courses. During the "Academic year" British and foreign students enroll on courses in academic subjects, leading to University entrance examinations. Examples of options available at the... See full description.

Westminster College London

We aim to become a teacher training leader in the world by offering ESL/EFL professional teacher training courses , and exceptional online and classroom based TESOL training, and to provide people with the opportunity to create better lives for themselves and others, both locally and globally . We believe in the value of sharing and providing quality learning experiences, not just in the services we provide but also in the way we support our people. Experience is everything and we’re fortunate to have a great deal of it in our people. We do not want to be just the best of the best.... See full description.

Career Colleges and Vocational Schools in The United Kingdom by City:

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About Career Colleges and Vocational Schools in The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, which includes England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, has a number of policies and programs in place aimed at providing vocational education and training  (VET) for both young people and adults, training that will help these individuals learn a trade and thus find gainful employment.  Low productivity and inadequate training in the United Kingdom, spurred the government in 1997 to develop a strategy focused on both raising the standards for vocational education and training and increasing inclusion.

Goals of Vocational Education and Training in the United Kingdom

The strategies for improving vocational education and training were developed with a number of goals and objectives in mind, many of which have now been met thank to the tireless work of the professionals who put these programs into place.  Some of these goals and objectives included:

  • Goal 1:  By the age of 19, all young people should be ready for skilled employment or higher education.
    • Objective 1:  By 2008, sixty percent of those aged 16 should receive the equivalent of five GCSEs at grade A to C.
    • Objective 2:  Increase the proportion of 19 year olds who achieve at least level 2 by five percentage points by 2008, and increase the proportion of young people who achieve level 3 and 4.
    • Objective 3:  reduce the proportion of young people not in education, employment or training by two percentage points by 2010.  
  • Goal 2:  Tackle the adult skills gap: increase the number of adults with the skills required for employability and progression to higher levels of training.
    • Objective 1:  Improve the basic skills levels of 2.25 million adults by 2010.
    • Objective 2:  reduce by 40 % the number of adults in the workforce lacking level 2 qualifications by 2010. One million adults in the workforce to achieve level 2 by 2006.

Vocational Education and Training in the United Kingdom Today

Vocational education and training in the United Kingdom now begins in lower secondary school, with vocational General Certificates of Secondary Education (GCSEs) available in eight subject areas, including Applied Art and Design, IT education, Business, Manufacturing, Engineering, Leisure and Tourism and Health/Social Care.  Other courses are currently under development and should be available shortly.  Students between the ages of 14 and 16 can also now participate in young apprenticeships, in which they shadow workers as a way to give them a clearer picture of the day-to-day work that is required in a given career industry.

Vocational Education and training in the UK continues at the upper secondary level, with programs available in the same eight programs offered at the lower secondary school level.  The goal of upper secondary vocational training is threefold.  Upon completing compulsory secondary education, the next main routes for young people are:

  • To continue in full-time education in a school or college;
  • To move on to a work-based training program, usually an apprenticeship; or
  • To start work by becoming employed full-time or part-time or doing voluntary work.

Additional apprenticeships, internships and trade-based training are available to adult students over the age of 18.  These come in the form of career colleges, vocational schools, and technical institutes, offering programs such as computer science, programming, data base management and management information systems.

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