English as a Second Language Courses in Colchester, The United States

Saint Michael - School of International Studies

Colchester, The United States
Saint Michael's College is a private, liberal arts Catholic college, founded in 1904. It has been receiving international students since 1954, striving to offer maximum support in their preparation for future education or career. International students have a number of options – earn a bachelor’s degree; earn a master’s degree; or develop their English skills, preparing for an academic program at a university. The college provides 30 undergraduate subjects together with pre-law and pre-medical programs. Master’s degrees are available in TESOL, Education, Clinical Psychology, and... See full description.

EU Business School
Bachelors, Masters, MBA's in Spain, Switzerland or Germany for English speaking international students.
CSA Study Abroad
Accredited study abroad programs all over the world for students of all levels.

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