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About Language Immersion Courses in South Korea

Korean is the official language of South Korea. The language is spoken by more than 78 million people all over the world. Other than Koreans, people in Japan, China, Uzbekistan, and People’s Republic of China also speak Korean. Korean is ranked eleventh in the world, in terms of the number of speakers. It is one of the oldest languages in the world. It is believed that Korean was inherited from the Japanese, Turkish and Mongolian languages. Nowadays, many people in foreign countries are choosing to learn the Korean language. 

Advantages of Learning Korean

South Korea’s dynamic present and promising future in the current global economy induces many foreigners to learn Korean. Those who want to understand the unique culture of Korea also prefer to study the language. Learning Korean can help individuals get various social and business opportunities. Compared to other Asian languages like Japanese, Cantonese and Mandarin, Korean is easy to learn. Learning this language expands their cultural horizons and offers those with long term goals in South Korea, an opportunity to access the rich and historical literature from the country, which are dated over thousand years, in the original language.

Advantages of Learning Korean

Overseas students and professionals who wish to study or work in South Korea can experience many benefits by learning the Korean language.  Students, who want to study Korean history, and professionals, who want to learn about the economic prospects and political climate in Korea would find it useful to study Korean language. Learning Korean can be of use, to interpret the present and predict the future of East Asia correctly. Practical application of Korean studies can help immensely in various areas of economy, trade, communication, administration and international relations. Korean language prepares students to be considered for well paid jobs in South Korea. Many Korean businesses, including LG, Hyundai, and Samsung look for candidates who are well versed in both Korean and English.

Difficulty Level of learning Korean

Learning Korean language is easy for those who know Chinese or Japanese. However, it is a little difficult for most westerners to learn. Korean language is easier to speak than reading or writing it. Those who want to learn basic Korean can learn it within four months, whereas those who want to learn the language extensively need at least three years of study.

Classes and Courses to Learn Korean

Many universities in Korea offer Korean language programs for overseas students who want to learn that language. Korean immersion programs organized by universities help foreigners to learn the language within a few weeks. Active participation of the students is paramount, as these programs are designed to be interactive. Online programs are also available for those who want to learn conversational Korean.

Foreigners, who want to improve their Korean communication skill and understand Korean culture and society, can choose course programs that suit their skill levels. Some institutions in South Korea offer various language courses, such as regular courses, weekend courses, conversation courses and special courses. Special courses are ideal for individuals who have specific goals like translations, interpretations and entrance examinations.

Korean studies are booming, as the country opens up a wide range of business opportunities. It is an excellent tourist destination as well. Learning the Korean language, offered at the high school and undergraduate levels, can help business people who want to create closer links between their countries and South Korea.

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