Language Immersion Courses in Slovakia

About Language Immersion Courses in Slovakia

Studying Slovak might be a great option if a student or a working professional wants to travel to Slovakia or settle down in the picturesque country. Most people trying to shift to Europe might not make Slovakia their first choice, primarily because of the language! There is an apparent believe that Slovak is a tough language to crack compared to French or Spanish. And thus, despite the hugely successful global educational facilities available in Slovakia, many students might not travel there. Compared to the other European countries, education in Slovakia is comparatively cheaper. Quality, however, like most European universities and colleges are the top priority in Slovakia too. The reality is that learning Slovak requires the same effort and time like the other European languages (with the exception of English, perhaps).
Before one appreciates the rich culture of Slovakia or gets admitted to courses that help you in learning Slovak, it is vital to know more about the country itself. Along with a couple of other erstwhile communist states, Slovakia joined the European Union in 2004. Five years later it also became a part of the prosperous Euro Zone and also became an important member of NATO. Despite being a small landlocked country, Slovakia has the highest economic growth rate in the whole of Europe! One of the major reasons for this success is undoubtedly its educational system, which is straightforward but rich. Huge number of European students immigrates to Slovakia or travel there on temporary visas to complete their higher education. The number of Asian and American students, though less in comparison, is slowly growing.
One’s cultural encounter with Slovakia starts as soon as a student enrolls himself or herself in Slovak studies. Slovak is the official language of the country, and studying Slovak in Slovakia surely interests many international students studying there. However, the language immersion courses in Slovakia also encourage students to learn the other languages in this mountainous country. Learning Hungarian in Slovakia might also be productive if one has to choose a holistic approach to education. Hungarian is spoken in many parts of this small country. Spoken in certain patches, is a lesser known language called Rusyn. The cultural diversity of Slovakia is amply proved by the fact that the government encourages local communities to use and propagate their own languages or dialects. The only criterion is that these minorities must form at least 20 percent of the population.
Slovakia is a popular destination for European students who are interested in history and languages. So students pursuing higher degrees in history or completing their research papers on classical languages opt for Slovakia. Higher educational institutes in Slovakia attract a lot of international students interested in specialized courses. For them studying the Slovak language is essential to communicate with the locals and for everyday use.
Also, Slovak studies are undertaken by pupils interested in becoming a part of this delightful cultural experience. Language lovers enjoy the intricacies of Slovak and enroll in Slovak courses through the multiple language immersion courses available here. And for most language enthusiasts the challenge of learning the less popular Slovak tongue is a worth taking!

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