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Cela Spanish School

Pampatar Isla de Margarita, Venezuela
Cela Spanish School is a Spanish school, situated on Margarita Island, Venezuela, South America. CELA Spanish School offers Spanish courses at five skill levels, as well as Spanish courses for special purposes such as medicine, law and business. The Spanish programs are provided in small groups with a maximum of 7 participants. One-to-one tuition options are possible, too. All courses follow the style of total immersion, which means that they have the purpose of helping students achieve maximum improvement in the shortest possible time. The courses include three excursions per week and... See full description.

Language Immersion Courses in Venezuela by City:

Pampatar Isla de Margarita

About Language Immersion Courses in Venezuela

Anyone willing to learn authentic Spanish from a Spanish speaking country at low cost should keep Venezuela at the very top of their list. Breathtaking scenery, colorful lifestyle, vibrant people and numerous options make Venezuela one of the best places to study the Spanish language. Although many other native languages are in use in Venezuela, the majority of the people speak Spanish, and it is also the official language of the country. 

It is necessary that one experiences closely- the use of the language in daily chores of life, in order to learn Spanish properly, and getting immersed in a Spanish speaking surrounding offers just the right opportunity. Language immersion courses in Venezuela help students not only learn authentic Spanish but also interact with the locals and experiencing the culture and the pulse of this beautiful country.

Study Spanish in Venezuela

Spanish is one of the most important languages in the world today. Spoken in numerous countries including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia  Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela and Puerto Rico; learning Spanish can open up a host of career and education opportunities. Most language schools and institutions in Venezuela focus on the areas of Language learning, reading, writing and speaking, and have accordingly structured their lessons. While the facilities are not very extravagant in all the schools, the teaching methods and the care taken by the instructors have been highly praised by all ex-learners.  Spanish classes are designed to be communicative and interactive in nature, and this gives the learner an opportunity to learn effective conversation skills.

Most Spanish courses in Venezuela are highly affordable, and often come with accommodation facilities. One may select personal tuition or opt for small Spanish study groups, where the teacher gets ample scope to give personal attention to each student. Regular conversations and spontaneous interactions will make the learning process much simpler.

Learn to Speak Fluent Spanish in Venezuela

One may ask why Venezuela is a preferred location among all other Spanish speaking countries, when it comes to language schools. The answer is pretty simple. Great outdoors, heavenly scenic beauty, low cost of studying, friendly people and delicious cuisines are reasons fair enough to lure students to Venezuela. Being surrounded by native Spanish speakers, one is bound to learn the language much faster. However, it is necessary that one constantly keeps in touch with the language and makes efforts to speak and read Spanish whenever possible. Asking for directions or ordering food or even shopping at local markets can provide great opportunities to practice Spanish speaking skills.

On-course excursions, field trips, tours to sites of cultural and historical heritage are also important ways of learning Spanish in Venezuela. With the increasing importance being given to higher education and study abroad opportunities in Venezuela, language schools in the country are becoming extremely popular among those looking to learn Spanish abroad.

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