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English Study Online

London, The United Kingdom
ESO specializes in the provision of interactive courses and live online teaching in the English language. It stresses on the qualification of its instructors, all of whom are native speakers and teach students in a fun, but professional manner. All of the classes that the online school offers are equipped with the latest technology, including video, audio, and interactive quizzes, combined with a number of tools for self study. ESO provides a number of options to students, and these include joining class groups online, hiring a personal online teacher, or booking one on one lessons with... See full description.

Magna Carta College Oxford

We represent Magna Carta College Oxford, a private online college based in the world-renowned city of Oxford. We offer distance learning courses including; Level 3, BA, MBA and professional Executive programmes online. Our courses are accredited by UK universities and recognised worldwide for providing high quality and well-respected higher education.
Study Programs: online MBA... See all programs.

University of Liverpool, Online Master Programmes

Liverpool, The United Kingdom
The University of Liverpool was established in the city of Liverpool, England, in 1881, as a University College. It is a research-intensive university, and has produced eight Nobel Prize winners. The Online Masters programs at the University of Liverpool are delivered through the collaboration with Laureate Online Education, and are specifically designed to suit working professionals all over the globe. The key goal of these programs is to equip students with the skills and tools to gain leadership positions in their areas of study and development. Online master programs are offered in... See full description.

University of London External System

London, The United Kingdom
University of London External System, now known as University of London International Programmes, provides students with worldwide flexible access to the University of London degrees. It has been operating since 1858, and now serves more than 50 thousand students, offering over 100 degrees. The distance learning programs are provided through the collaboration with 12 of the University of London colleges – they have developed each of the programs that students take, and an example is London School of Economics, which is responsible for the system’s economics and management-related... See full description.

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About Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in The United Kingdom

It is perhaps a better idea to talk about distance learning, as opposed to online learning, when it comes to UK higher education, since that appears to be the preferred term used in prospectuses and brochures of UK universities. Upon a detailed reading, however, one learns that these courses are often conducted by means of online delivery. In addition, a smaller number of commercial companies actively promote online courses in the UK, delivered under the banner, validation, and accreditation, as well as, quality assurance of reputed UK universities.

A large number of postsecondary institutes are making efforts to develop distance learning programs and online courses in UK. Apart from the regular online degrees in the UK, some universities are now offering the A-levels, GCSE, International GCSE, CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) etc as a part of distance learning courses.  This is being done with the help of the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling (EDSRC) and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

Distance Learning Schools in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom primarily offers distance learning courses through the Open University, which was established by the Royal Charter. Apart from the Open University and the London External Program, there is a wide range of UK universities that offer a considerable number of operational off-campus online education options. These distance learning schools that offer online courses and online degrees in the UK can be differentiated into three distinct types:
  • Commercial institutes and companies that deliver online courses on behalf of accredited UK universities.
  • The two primary distance learning providers in the UK, as mentioned above. The delivery of education here is mostly a blend of online learning, hard copy assignments and some face to face classes.
  • Various established UK universities and colleges that offer bachelor’s and master’s programs online in certain disciplines. These online courses can be fully online, partially online or by traditional distance learning.
Most universities in the UK offer online degrees and online education courses to students who do not wish to attend regular college. The National Open University is one of the largest universities with more than 250,000 students, out of which, over 50,000 are overseas students pursuing online degree courses in the UK, while staying in other countries.  Many online universities in the UK have regional centers around the UK, along with regional exam centers in other countries.
Distance learning courses offer provisions for part time or online study, for both, degree courses as well as other professional programs. The courses being offered through online education in the UK are primarily in arts, education, language studies, health and social care, law, mathematics, computing and technology, science, social science, and business. The online education courses in the UK also rely on radio, television, internet, residential summer school, counseling and tutorials for providing education.

Most of the study material is provided by the faculty and some external contributors. Some online courses in the UK offer an Associate Lecturer for helping students and providing feedback about assignments over the phone or the internet. This system is helped immensely by the establishment of local study centers.

EU Business School
Bachelors, Masters, MBA's in Spain, Switzerland or Germany for English speaking international students.
CSA Study Abroad
Accredited study abroad programs all over the world for students of all levels.

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