Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Swaziland

About Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Swaziland

Swaziland is a very small country, and it remains one of the poorest nations in the world. The University of Swaziland is the only institution offering higher education in the country. It has an Institute of Distance Education, which offers various programs to help working people and busy individuals to pursue higher education. Recently, the university has joined the virtual university for the small states, which is an initiative of Commonwealth. Online degree and online courses are also offered by many institutions outside Swaziland, which help people to pursue higher education conveniently.

Distance Learning School in Swaziland

The institute of distance education offers bachelor’s degree programs, certificate programs and diploma programs to students in the country. Certificates in French and Portuguese are popular distance education programs offered by the institute. The institute offers Bachelor of Education in adult education, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts in Humanities. Diplomas in law and commerce are also offered. The duration of these programs is 2 to 6 years, depending on the course and field of study.

The institute of distance education in Swaziland is planning to develop an e-learning platform, where the computer technology will be used as the medium of instruction. Electronic assignments, discussion forums, links to other web pages and glossary will be the most important features of this platform.

Swaziland takes an active part in the Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth. It is designed to offer opportunities and access to higher education to students looking to pursue higher education in Swaziland. Under certain international partnerships, some students from Swaziland have completed their master’s studies in distance education offered by foreign universities.

The programs offered by the distance learning school in Swaziland are beneficial to individuals, such as working professionals, housewives, mothers and self employed people.  They even address the need of students who cannot afford traditional university programs. High school graduates who meet the eligibility requirements of the university, but not able to pursue education due to inadequate resources can enroll into these distance learning programs in Swaziland.

The primary tool for learning used by distance education institutes in Swaziland is a self instructional module that represents lectures. Students need to write assignments, take tests and perform practical work, as part of the coursework. The coursework is delivered to students as printed material. The course tutors offer some face to face instruction and lectures at the regional centers.

The course modules are assessed continuously, and students need to appear for the formal examinations at the end of the year. The students are given tests, special projects, assignments and term papers, for assessing their performance. The students need to have obtained the score of at least 50 percent to pass a course. If they fail, they are allowed to repeat the course. However, if they fail a compulsory module three times, they are forced to discontinue the course.

Online programs and courses in Swaziland

Many institutions offer online programs and courses to Swaziland students. These courses help the students to learn conveniently from their home. Computer and internet connection are the most important components required to learn the coursework.

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