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Contact: King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi

Bangkhuntien Campus, 49 Soi Tientalay 25, Bangkhuntien-Chaitalay Road, Takham, Bangkhuntien, Bangkok, Thailand
The Graduate Program of Design and Planning (International Program), King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi With the 5 keys Values: Academic Excellence, Innovation Passion, Human Values, Knowledge Synergy, Partnerships, we, are the Graduate Program of Design and Planning... See full description.

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About Online degree, online courses and distance learning schools in Thailand

One of the characteristics of Thailand’s education system is the stress on compulsory education till the age of 14. Moreover, the government of Thailand provides free educational facilities till a student reaches the age of 17. This effectively means that education till the university level is totally free in the country. Even private educational facilities are plenty and compared to other Asian countries, private institutes are affordable and within reach of most people in Thailand. In addition, there are opportunities for online degrees in the country. Though the facilities for e-learning are not extensive like some of the western countries, they are sufficient to provide a whole generation with an alternative to college education.  According to government statistics, there are two universities in the country that provide e-learning opportunities to both domestic and international students. Students who are unable to attend regular classes can easily join any one of these institutes that provide quality online courses and distance education for all age groups. The course material here is designed at par international standards. Online courses in Thailand are taught in English. This helps a lot of students enrolling themselves in these e-learning schools, as language is not a barrier for them.
Besides the two top universities providing online courses in Thailand, there are other smaller private colleges in the fray too. Since there is no compulsion to attend regular classes and tutorials, most students who want to complete or continue their education can enroll at these institutes for online degrees in Thailand. Most of them have updated syllabus and study materials to provide a great alternative to conventional education system in the country. Despite free education to most students in Thailand, there are some who are still bereft of basic educational facilities, primarily due to their geographical location. A lot of students stay in remote villages and towns without proper educational institutes. They have two choices- either to move to the capital or the big cities in Thailand to pursue their education, or simply enroll at the various online degree programs available over the internet. Also, a lot of students in this Asian country work to support their families. For them, online courses in Thailand are a boon. They can easily work out a study schedule for themselves, without hampering work or family. They can study at home and at their own convenience. Moreover, there is absolutely no need to visit a school or college for the lessons. Just stay connected with the online tutors and guides, who are there to solve all any educational queries.
Students hoping to immigrate to foreign shores normally start preparing early. For them, it is vital to acquire more than one educational qualification or degree that will place them in a better position vis-à-vis their competitors in the new country. Online learning schools in Thailand provide these students with the opportunity to admit themselves in more than one course at one time. This saves a lot of time for students who are ready to shift base out of Thailand and are preparing to engage themselves in international educational systems.