Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Zambia

About Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Zambia

Zambia, like many other African countries faces challenges like lack of funds, inadequate infrastructure and inadequate teaching facilities, in the efforts to expand its education system. Online degrees, courses and distance learning schools in Zambia provide a convenient option to students, who wish to pursue higher education in the country. The University of Zambia plays the pivotal role in providing higher education in the country, and it has an institution of distant education for students who cannot attend regular college.  Zambia also has some private open universities and distance learning schools that offer online degree programs in various disciplines. In addition, various overseas open universities also offer courses that help Zambian students to pursue higher education conveniently from their hometown.

Many Zambian students are unable to join regular college programs, since they are under pressure from an early age, to start earning and contributing financially to their families. Many live in rural, under developed and remote areas with little or no access to public universities. Lack of transportation facilities and the low number of qualified teachers and poor study material are some other challenges faced by the country. The Zambian government has recently invested efforts in e-learning initiatives and collaborations to increase the education level in the country. Efforts have also been made to increase internet connectivity and ICT availability in remote and rural areas.

Distance Learning Schools in Zambia

The public university in Zambia offers distances education programs through the institute of Distance Education for those who are not able to receive university education in a traditional setting. It offers a range of bachelor’s degree programs, including those in economics, public administration, English, French, philosophy and so on. Bachelor of Education programs are also offered for training students in primary education, special education and adult education.

The distance learning schools in Zambia use print and electronic media and weekend lecturers to help students complete their coursework. Face to face sessions, assignments, and web based learning are some other teaching methods used to deliver the higher education programs. Study guides are provided to the students along with recommended books.

Online Degrees and Courses in Zambia

Online degrees and courses offer the flexibility to Zambian students to pursue their education from anywhere. They are affordable, and students are given study materials and support from online tutors. Online degrees in Zambia are offered in various disciplines like business, tourism and hospitality, finance and accounting, IT, Law and management. The online learning platform fits the busy lifestyle of employed Zambians and family people who find it difficult to obtain regular university education. Students are allowed to download course materials and assignments, participate in various learning activities and engage in discussions with other students.

Open universities in Zambia also offer various vocationally driven courses like web designing, digital photography, practical science, among others.

Distance and online learning has gradually developed over the last few years in Zambia. Many students now use online learning and distance learning as an alternative to full time traditional university study.

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