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Curtis High School

New York, The United States
Curtis High School residing in Staten Island, New York was established as an academic institution in 1904. It was the very first high school on the land of Staten Island. The school offers IB honors programs coupled with accelerated studies & advance placement courses, Nursing programs, Medical Technology, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Sports Administration, Legal studies and Journalism studies. CHS is very famous for its sporting teams as they hold pride to win: PSAL Girl’s Bowling Championship 7 times, PSAL Boy’s Cross Country City Championship 6 times, PSAL Boy’s Football... See full description.

Datzyk Montessori School

Allentown, The United States
The Datzyk Montessori was founded in 1968. It offers Montessori programs for students in the age group of 2-7. DMS never discriminates on race, color, nationality or ethnicity. Instead it is open for all, providing equal rights & programs to students. The classes are designed according to the needs of the children which allow students to choose work according to their capabilities. DMS does not concentrate on competition & production of work but pays specialized attention towards developing each child’s unique intelligence. Teaching materials utilize multi-sensory, sequential and... See full description.

Davis Senior High School

Davis, The United States
Davis High School situated in Davis, California, United States was established in 1961. The school offers a 3-year high school program, focusing on preparation for college. DHS offers advanced placement courses, Accelerated courses, CAHSEE preparation, Regional Occupation Courses, English as a Second language & Sheltered courses and Special Education Courses. DHS has an awe-aspiring athletic facility within campus. In 2009 DHS won 7 section championships comprising of both boys & girls team. In 2009 DHS boy’s team was recognized as the best team in the championships. DHS is endorsed by... See full description.

De Paul Catholic High School

Wayne, The United States
DePaul Catholic School is a private high school positioned in Passaic County, New Jersey, United States. It was established as an academic institute in 1989. The school provides preparatory education for colleges and offers Advance placement courses and foundation studies. All staff & students connect laptops or net books through wireless internet to be a part of the mobile learning system in the school. The college acceptance rate of the students of the school in 2007 was 98% and in 2010 graduates from the school earned over $17 million of scholarship fund on merit basis. Furthermore,... See full description.

Delaware Academy and Central School

Delhi, The United States
Delaware Academy, located in Delaware County, New York, United States was founded in 1819 initially as a military school but later got approved to be recognized as a school. The special program department at DACS caters students with special needs. This department of the school provides education to students who meet the criteria of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The services include speech-language therapy, physical & occupational therapy and counseling, which are provided to students free of charge.

Delbarton School

Morristown, The United States
Delbarton Men’s School is a private institute residing in Morristown, New Jersey, United Stated. DS started its operations in 1939 as a college preparatory school catering students from grades 7-12. DS offers 24 Advance placement programs. In 2009 more than 100 students successfully graduated as AP scholars and 16 of them received recognition as National AP Scholars. Wall Street Journal crowned DS among the top ten high schools in America in the year 2007. DS also received the Blue Ribbon from the Education department of US, which is considered to be the most prestigious academic award... See full description.

Divine Savior Holy Angels High School

Milwaukee, The United States
Divine Savior Holy Angels High School was founded in 1970 as a girls only Roman Catholic High School at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. The school is supported by Sisters of the Divine Savior. The school acts as a college preparatory centre and also provides honors classes & Advanced Placement courses. In addition, the school offers electives in visual arts, computer science, physical education, journalism, speech, music, dance and dramatics. Language learning sessions at the school include Spanish, French and Latin. Apart from studies, the school organizes a big musical in the fall,... See full description.

Doane Academy

Burlington, The United States
Doane Academy came into existence in 1837 at Burlington, New Jersey, United States as a private school. The school caters for students from Pre-kindergarten level to 12th grade students. DA sits on a 10 acre river view campus, comprising of 3 exclusive buildings and a chapel, which are in close proximity to the National Registry of Historic Places. DA offers a special summer line-up, which includes Doane leadership program, kindergarten 6th program and 1:1 enrichment program. DA is endorsed by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools commission.

Don Bosco Preparatory High School

Ramsey, The United States
Don Bosco Preparatory High School was established in 1915 at Ramsey, New Jersey, United States, as a private Roman Catholic Secondary Institute. The school acts as a boarding school which provides educational services to students from grades 9th to 12th. Situated just 2 km from the New Jersey/New York border allows the school to attract students from an extensive geographical constituency. The school holds pride in having a score of combined mean of 1721 and 2164 (of top 10% of class) by students in their SAT exams. Besides, $ 20 million were awarded in terms of scholarships, grants &... See full description.

Eastern Christian School

North Haledon, The United States
Eastern Christian School was founded in 1892 at North Haledon in Passaic County, New Jersey, United States. ECS is a private organization comprising of an Elementary School in Midland Park, Middle School in Wyckoff and a High School. ECS expects its students to pursue a program known as “Faith in Action” where each student in the high school has to complete a certain number of community work hours in order to become a high school graduate. ECS Eagles actively take part in NJIC (North Jersey Interscholastic Conference) comprised of private & public schools in New Jersey, organized by... See full description.

Eastside High School

Taylors, The United States
Eastside High School located in Taylors, South Carolina, United States was founded in 1970 as a public high school. The school runs under the command of the Greenville County School District. The school holds pride in securing an average of more than 1500 in SAT tests as in 2011 which is well above the national average score. Moreover, in 2010 the students at EHS scored the highest score on the ACT test of 22.8, while the national average was 21.0 respectively. The school also has the highest passing rate of students appearing for AP tests in the whole of Greenville County. Apart from... See full description.

Edmund Burke School

Washington, The United States
The Edmund Burke School is a private, college preparatory school, established in 1968 by Jean Mooskin and Dick Roth. The institution is based in Washington, D.C. on Connecticut Avenue, NW, near the Van Ness metro station. The institution serves grades 6th through 12th, currently receiving about 320 students. What is more interesting about the Edmund Burke School is that it has adopted the method of progressive education - teachers are called by their first names and classes are small. In 2003 the school finally managed to get city approval to expand its facilities with a new building.... See full description.

Erskine Academy

South China, The United States
Erskine Academy is a private high school, based in South China, Maine. The high school currently welcomes about 748 students and serves eight surrounding towns. The campus sits on about 25 acres of land and incorporates a number of academic buildings as well as various athletic fields. The academic departments of which the school consists are the following: English Department, Math Department, Science Department, Language Department, History Department, Theatre Department, and Music Department. The school also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, ensuring a well-rounded... See full description.

Exeter-West Greenwich High School

West Greenwich, The United States
Exeter-west Greenwich Senior high school is a school of scarlet knights, located in Greenwich town in Kent County, Rhode Island, United states. They have the following departments; Agriculture, alumni, business and media technology, English, Fine art, health and physical education etc. They are also well known for sporting activities such as Tennis, Boys’ outdoor track events, Girls’ outdoor track events, At present, some project are being worked on such as the ‘Senior Project’ aimed at helping students to achieve high level of moral, intellectual and physical skills for dealing... See full description.

Forest Trail Academy

Wellington, The United States
Forest Trail Academy is a well-recognized college preparatory high school, providing an alternative to traditional education. Its commitment is to the provision of innovative, pragmatic educational solutions through a holistic online environment, available worldwide. The programs are designed to suit students, who may be dealing with unusual life situations, but wish to complete their education. Instructors aim to also act as encouragers and supporters to such individuals. The programs of study include diplomas, online courses, individual courses, home school courses, and dual credit... See full description.

Foxcroft Academy

Dover-Foxcroft, The United States
Foxcroft Academy is an Educational institution that offers students various kinds of educational and recreational experiences to improve their skills and intellect. Created in 1823, in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, the school has always provided educational programs for students between 9th to 12th grades. With more than 140 courses, about 32 honors and over 20 advanced placement courses, Foxcroft Academy has always strived to prove that it is top class. Furthermore, the institution offers language programs teaching Chinese, Latin, French and Spanish Languages. Students enrolled are also... See full description.

Friends Select School

Parkway, The United States
Friends Select School is a private school believed to have been in existence since the first Friends school was created in 1689. With about 545 students, the school is located at the center of Philadelphia creating the chance for these students to use and enjoy the bulk of social amenities available in the city (such as theatres & museums etc.). Friends Select School consists of Lower, Middle and Upper school divisions. Their mission is to effectively prepare children, from pre-kindergarten level up to twelfth grade, for a successful college career. They take part in other activities like... See full description.

George Washington High School

Denver, The United States
George Washington High School is a four-year public educational institution opened in 1960, in Denver, Colorado, USA. The school became accredited to offer the International Baccalaureate Program in 1984. It is known to be one of the best options for public education in Colorado. The school and staff members strive to provide sound and quality education for students to make them successful in their individual careers in life. George Washington High School frequently makes it to the list of the top 100 High schools in America with a very reputable recognition worldwide. Not surprisingly,... See full description.

Georgetown Day School

Washington, The United States
Georgetown Day School was founded in 1945 and has since then operated as a PK-12 school, dedicated towards academic and social excellence. The institution is situated in Washington DC and provides education for all children from the prekindergarten stage up till high school level. Apart from academic teachings, it also offers loads of activities including arts, athletics, college counseling, community help, library services, Equity and Justice, after-school activities, camps and so on. Furthermore, Georgetown Day School willingly gives financial aid to students in unfavorable economic... See full description.

Goldenview Middle School

Anchorage, The United States
Goldenview Middle School is a school providing education to students from 7th to 9th grade. The school is a member of the Anchorage School District, located in Alaska, USA. The institution’s primary aim is to provide excellent education to middle school students by using improved technological skills with the assistance of highly trained teachers. The staff and students are supplied with school-based emails and unique usernames in order to work efficiently with computers and to save tasks and important information on their allocated email addresses. School drop is offered via the school... See full description.

Gonzaga College High School

Washington, The United States
Gonzaga College High School is one of the oldest educational institutions in Washington, opened in 1821. The school follows the Jesuit system of education, offering courses in departments like Classic, Computer Science, English, Fine Arts/Music, Religious studies, Science and Social Science. Being a Roman Catholic School offering outstanding education with several years of experience, the institution is based on a Christian way of conveying knowledge with references to the way of life of Jesus Christ and emphasis laid on the need for academic and moral excellence. It has also made... See full description.

Good Shepherd Catholic School

St. Johnsbury, The United States
Good Shepherd Catholic School was established in the year 1998 in St Johnsbury, Vermont. The school offers children education up till 8th grade and clearly intensifies on teachings about Jesus Christ’s life. The specific goal is to develop children intellectually and morally by offering high quality education with mandatory lessons on the Christian way of life. They prepare individuals to love, respect and appreciate God and the neighbor. All extra-curricular activities offered are mainly in the form of sports and Bible lessons, geared at improving children’s spiritual life. The... See full description.

Gould Academy

Bethel, The United States
Gould Academy is a leading educational institution, providing education to students form grades 9 – 12. With a total number of just 240 students, the entity ensures a very close relationship between teachers and students as class sizes are limited to a maximum of about 10 students per class. The academy is located at the eastern edge of the White Mountains in Bethel, Maine and their mission involves preparing students academically and physically to make them responsible citizens and successful individuals in a dynamic world. The school was created in 1836 and has ever since then strived... See full description.

Grace Christian Academy of Maryland

Waldorf, The United States
Grace Christian Academy of Marylandwas was established in 1986 as Grace Brethren Christian School in Waldorf, Maryland. The school is focused on educating students and their parents on the Christian doctrine and the need to obey God and his commandments. The school also assures its students of academic excellence by their high standard of teaching and highly qualified tutors. The academy boasts of a state-of-the-art facility for extracurricular activities with fully-equipped classrooms, fenced playgrounds and improved learning equipment all situated on a 17-acre piece of land. In 1996,... See full description.

Grand River Academy

Austinburg, The United States
Grand River Academy is a specialized high school in Ohio, USA. Established in 1831 by a group of prominent leaders from the Austinburg Congregational Church, the school was originally intended to prepare young men for ministerial vocations. Currently it is a non-military, nonsectarian, boys boarding school. Grand River Academy has made available a college preparatory program for boys, whose needs have not being met by a traditional high school. The academy prides itself on its unique academic structure, its great sense of community, small classes, individualized attention and supervised... See full description.

Green Mountain Valley School

Waitsfield, The United States
Green Mountain Valley School is a ski academy established in 1973 and situated in Waitsfield, Vermont. With the school still growing up till date, quality and top class teaching, sporting and adventuring still remains their specific goal which they strive to fulfill year in, year out. The school uses mountainous training facilities at Sugarbush Resort with several Nordic training facilities all around their location. The institution works hard towards meeting academic requirement and at the same time excelling in their racing (Skiing) career and they strive to maintain high standards of... See full description.

Greenville High Academy

Greenville, The United States
Greenville High Academy is an academy of Law, Finance and Business, offering education for students from 9th – 12th grades. The institution is situated in Greenville, South Carolina. Its mission is to train students in various fields of life, specifically in the aspect of Law, Finance and Business to finally become efficient leaders and experts in their respective careers. Departments here include Business, English, Fine Art, Mathematics, Science, Media and many more. The school also teaches foreign languages like Latin, French and Spanish with a new state-of-the-art foreign language... See full description.

Greer High School

Greer , The United States
Greer High School was established in 1895 and has been growing rapidly since then, starting with a single program for international students preparing for university education. There are 3 programs available for students between the ages 3 to 19: - IB Primary Years program, IB Middle Years program and an IB Diploma program. The school claims to effectively train students that are preparing for a successful university career, making them outstanding individuals in their relevant field of study. Learning rooms are fully equipped with state-of-the-art materials and teaching appliances with... See full description.

Harmony Hill School

Chepachet, The United States
Harmony Hill School is a private school providing quality education to students from kindergarten level up till Grade 12. The school was opened in 1976 and is sort of a rehabilitation institution providing adolescents with social, emotional, learning and behavioral training. It is located in rural northern Rhode Island. Programs offered by this institution include Fire Setter Treatment Program that builds children (specifically boys) mentally and physically, trains them in fire rescue procedures and skills; the Program for Sexually Aggressive Adolescents provided to treat and educate boys... See full description.

Heritage Christian School

Gillette, The United States
Heritage Christian School provides a Christ-centered environment to educate children, from Pre-K through 12th grade, in accordance with the purposes of God and to equip them to take their place in life in a manner that glorifies Him. Heritage Christian School is a non-denominational school and a member of the Association of Christian Schools International,(ACSI).

Highland High School

Salt Lake City, The United States
Highland High School, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, endeavors to ensure that students acquire the basic skills need for a successful life as adults. It became an International Baccalaureate school as of Dec. 7, 2009.

Hudson Catholic Regional High School

Jersey City, The United States
Hudson Catholic Regional High School is a co-ed, college preparatory high school that educates students through a comprehensive and challenging curriculum. The extracurricular activities enhance spiritual, social and physical values.

Hughes Academy

Greenville , The United States
Hughes Academy is a Middle School that offers an academic program that integrates Science and Technology across the curriculum. Our school program is designed to recognize the uniqueness of this growth stage that takes students from childhood to adolescence. Our primary commitment is to promote individual excellence in academics, fine arts, athletics and other areas of student interest.

Laurel Springs School

Ojai, The United States
Laurel Springs School was established in 1991, and currently acts as an accredited online private school, offering programs throughout grades K-12. Additionally, it provides Advanced Placement, Honors, and Gifted and Talented programs. This is perceived as one of the reasons why the institution has a reputation of placing students in some of the top and most selective colleges and universities. Laurel Springs point out the fact that students develop unique relationships with their teachers, counselors, and peers, which makes the school an interesting mix between an online and a... See full description.

Solid Rock Virtual School

Trinity, The United States
Solid Rock Virtual School is designed for students, parents, and teachers, who are looking for an alternative to the traditional classroom education. It is mainly aimed at those, looking for a homeschooling option. The school provides courses for elementary, middle school and high school level, while the classes students take are the same as those taken at the physical location of the school – in Florida, USA. The main advantage that the school stresses on is the fact that students can take course material at their own pace, which means that if someone wished to advance at a faster pace... See full description.

The MorningStar Academy

Orlando, The United States
The MorningStar Academy is an accredited, private, online Christian teacher-led school, aimed at students from elementary to high school age. The courses offered are available 24 hours per day, regardless of location, during the months from September to June. Students receive their home school curriculum through the internet, in the form of Ebooks, Videos, workbooks, as well as offline materials such as CDs. The institution awards accredited high school diplomas to all home students, who have met the high school graduation requirements.

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