Study International Management in Spain

International Management Study Programs in Spain

Level: Graduate  |  Location: Madrid and online

Master in International Management MIM

The Master of International Management is to prepare students for a managerial position in international management, regardless of undergraduate studies. Courses include marketing, management, business administration, accounting, economics, communications and business law. Graduates will demonstrate a strong foundation in global and international business, have a strong understanding of global businesses complexities and be able to identify and use tools for solving problems in global business.
Level: Undergraduate Bachelors  |  Location: Madrid and online

Bachelor of Business Administration-International Management

The Bachelor of Business Administration- International Management is similar to the Bachelor of Business Administration, but with a focus on understanding trade policies, international business ethics and management styles. This program also helps students learn the essentials of global marketing, international financial behavior, supply chain management and more. Graduates can expect to be equipped for leadership positions around the world as entrepreneurs, and in operations and marketing.

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