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Accounting Studies in Argentina

River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaAccounting is a very important profession throughout the world and can be very lucrative for those who earn a degree in the field.  To achieve this level of education, many students are now traveling to countries such as Argentina as part of a study abroad program and therefore get a glimpse of how accounting education differs from one country to the next.
The Republic of Argentina is a South American country that is bordered by Brazil and Uruguay to the northeast, Bolivia and Paraguay to the north and Chile to the west and south.  Argentina is one of the largest and most populous countries in South America and the world, boasting a total geographic area of 1,073,518 square miles (2,780,400 km) and a population of roughly 42.1 million.  The country has the third-largest economy in Latin America and ranks “very high” on the Human Development Index.  Due to its market size, levels of foreign direct investment and percentage of high-tech exports, Argentina growth is potentially unlimited.

Accounting Education in Argentina

Accounting is a discipline that is interwoven into almost every one of the business-related fields, and as such, educated and trained accountants are consistently in high demand in the business sector.  One of the institutions leading the education and training of accountants in Argentina is the University of Buenos Aires, one of the largest public universities in the country.
As a degree program, accounting is offered at the graduate level at the University of Buenos Aires.  It is open to all students who possess at least a Bachelor Degree in a business or mathematics discipline.  The program generally spans two years for full-time students. 
The faculty for the accounting program at the University of Buenos Aires aims to foster a reconsideration and reformulation of Accountancy, taking into account the changes taking place at the national and international level.  The course, which includes a research component, is designed to make contributions to the permanent process of accounting and examine its scientific and technological applications.  The courses students are required to take are varied, and may include titles such as:  The History of Accounting, Sources of Accounting Regulations, International Accounting Regulations, Problems in Patrimonial and Social Accountancy, Professional Ethics, Problems in Management Accounting, Governmental Accounting, Organizational Accounting, General Didactics, and the Methodology of Accountancy Research.

Why Study Abroad in Argentina

There are thousands of reasons to choose Argentina for your upcoming study abroad adventure.  In addition to the excellent accounting education you’ll receive while studying at one of the country’s many universities, you’ll also have plenty of time to visit some of the fascinating and enjoyable sites and attractions, including:

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