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Via C. Battisti N°3 - P.O. Box 209, Pisa, PI, Italy

Piazza Magnolie 4, San Bartolomeo al Mare, Imperia, Italy
Founded in 1991, Poliedro is a small and friendly language school with a very personal atmosphere. The school is located in the lovely seaside town San Bartolomeo al Mare at the Riviera dei Fiori between San Remo and Alassio, a beautiful place where you can enjoy the sea or explore the enchanting country side. The school team offers high quality courses and is flexible in assisting the students in all aspects of their stay in Italy. The high qualified and enthusiastic teachers use... See full description.

Via Roma 42, Orbetello, Grosseto, Italy
Founded in 1986 and run by a cooperative of teachers, this language school Terramare offers a unique opportunity for those who want to learn Italian in the lovely lagoon town Orbetello in Tuscany. By offering close contact with the routine life of the town students are given many opportunities to hear and use every day Italian. The courses guarantee full immersion in Italian Culture and Nature. The method of teaching is centred on the individual student and is based on interactive... See full description.

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