Information for Students Coming to Spain

Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, Madrid
When visiting Madrid, the bustling and historic capital city of Spain, there are literally hundreds of things to do and see, so many, in fact, that’s it’s impossible to see everything during the course of a single stay. However, if your goal is to [...]
Puente de Segovia, Madrid
When planning a vacation to Madrid, the bustling and historically fertile capital of Spain, it can often be a challenge to take in all of the sites and attractions you wish to see, even if your stay in the city is to be quite lengthy. The main rea [...]
Monasterio de El Escorial, Madrid
El Escorial, a monastery located approximately 30 miles northwest of Madrid in the shadow of the Sierra de Guadarrama Mountains, is one of the country’s most treasured and beloved sites and a must-see attraction for visitors and tourists. Below we [...]
Iglesia de San Jerónimo el Real, Madrid
Traveling to Madrid, Spain in the near future? Have an interest in history, architecture and/or world religions? If so, one of the buildings you should really consider visiting is the Iglesia San Jerónimo el Real. From its undeniable historical si [...]
Bolsa de Comercio de Madrid
Are you planning to visit Spain in the near future and looking for some interesting sites to visit. Do you have a combined interest in finance and architecture? If so, the Bolsa de Comerico, commonly referred to as the Madrid Stock Exchange, is de [...]
Iglesia de Santa Bárbara, Madrid
Are you planning an upcoming trip to Madrid, the thriving capital of Spain, and currently in the process of creating an itinerary—a list of things to do and see during your visit? Have you yet to come across the Iglesia de Santa Bárbara, one of Ma [...]
Banco de España, Madrid
If you’re traveling to Madrid, the capital and economic hub of Spain, you should really consider taking time out of your busy schedule to stop by the Banco de Espana, or Bank of Spain. The national central bank of Spain, Banco de España was first  [...]
Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales, Madrid
Situated in the city of Madrid, the capital and largest city in Spain, the Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales is a must-see tourist attraction for visitors. This royal monastery, which is now administered by the Patrimonio Nacional, dates back to  [...]
Plaza Mayor, Madrid
Are you planning a trip to Madrid, Spain and currently in the process of compiling a tentative itinerary for your visit? If so, one of the places you simply must put on your schedule is the Plaza Mayor. A portico square at the heart of Hapsburg Ma [...]
Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid
Are you coming to Madrid, Spain in the upcoming future, either for a short holiday or extended visit, and looking for some fun and interesting things to do while you are in town? Are you a fan of traditional marketplaces, where food and other good [...]
Teatro Real, Madrid
Are you planning to visit Madrid, Spain in the upcoming future and looking for some interesting things to do and see while you’re in town? Are you a fan of the opera and classical music? If so, you may want to consider adding the Teatro Real to yo [...]
Plaza de la Villa, Madrid
Do you intend to visit Madrid, Spain in the near future and need some ideas with regard to some of the must-see sights and attractions? Are you a fan of history and of distant European architecture? If so, one of the sites you should really consid [...]

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