Information for Students Coming to Spain

Corpus Christi Day, Toledo, Spain
Toledo is an amazing city in central Spain, one with a long and storied history, lively culture and a number of rich and colorful traditions.  One such tradition is the manner in which they celebrate Corpus Christi Day, the greatest day in the cal [...]
Semana Santa, Holy week in Toledo, Spain
As it is in cities throughout Spain, Semana Santa, or Easter Week in the historic city of Toledo is a very important part of its history and culture.  The celebrations that take place during this very significant time period are characterized, at  [...]
Are you planning to visit the Toledo region of Spain, a city that serves as the capital for both the province of Toledo and the Autonomous Community of Castile-La Mancha?  If you are, you should really take the time to visit Talavera de la Reina,  [...]
Consuegra, Toledo, Spain
Are you in the process of planning a holiday or romantic excursion to the Toledo region of Spain?  Need some ideas regarding what to do and see during your visit?  A stay in the beautiful city of Toledo promises plenty of fun and a number of inter [...]
Oropesa, Toledo, Spain
The city of Toledo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Spain, largely due to the massive array of interesting sites and attractions it offers.  From its world-class museums to its ancient buildings and bridges to its seemingl [...]
Madridejos, Toledo, Spain
Do you plan to visit the city of Toledo, Spain on an upcoming family vacation or romantic getaway?  If you do, you should really consider taking one or more day trips to some of the towns and villages that surround the historic city, including the [...]
Escalona, Toledo, Spain
Are you planning a trip to the central portion of Spain and plan to spend some time either in the city of Toledo or the surrounding area?  Did you know that there are also a number of smaller towns and villages located nearby, towns that offer a n [...]
Towns and Villages near Toledo, Spain
If you plan to visit the city of Toledo, Spain on an upcoming holiday, you are bound to be amazed by the sheer abundance of sites and attractions the city has to offer, including a number of historical museums and art galleries, breathtaking natur [...]
La Juderia, the Jewish Quarter, Toledo, Spain
During the Middle Ages, a time in which Toledo, Spain was under Muslim control prior to the Christian conquest, the city was home to large communities of Jewish, Muslim and Christian inhabitants, all living and working together in relative peace a [...]
History of Toledo, Spain
With over 2000 years of history, the city of Toledo has the special designation of being a melting pot, a place where the various cultures and eras of Spain have converged and congregated, and which together comprise a rich model of the country’s  [...]
The Tagus River in Toledo, Spain
Are you planning a family vacation or short romantic getaway to the picturesque city of Toledo, the capital city of the Province of Toledo in beautiful central Spain?  Do you need some ideas regarding some of the things to do and see while visitin [...]
Museum of Contemporary Art, Toledo, Spain
Are you in the process of planning a getaway to Spain, or more specifically, to the wonderful city of Toledo?  Could you benefit from some ideas regarding what to do and see while visiting this historic and picturesque city?  Toledo is one of Spai [...]