Information for Students Coming to Spain

The university stage is an important turning point in life. It is a life-changing decision, which is why it’s important to get to know both the school and the city of your choice. This is particularly important when thinking about studying abroad. [...]
The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Madrid
As a tourist visiting Madrid, there is certainly no shortage of things to do or places to see, but one of the sites you simply must check out while visiting this historic city is the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, home to the Real Madrid football (soc [...]
The Architecture in Toledo, Spain
Toledo, Spain is a historic city, one that dates back at least as far as Roman times, when records show it was an important urban center. It is also a city renowned for its ethic and religious diversity, a place where large communities of Christia [...]
The Architecture in Madrid, Spain
The sheer number of tourists and guests that flock to Madrid, Spain every year—with numbers that reach into the millions—may sound surprising to people who have yet to experience this marvel of a city, but once they are treated to its beauty and t [...]
The Different Types of Architecture in Spain
The various peoples who conquered Spain over the centuries left remains of their architecture behind. The Romans constructed buildings with marble pillars and statues. The Moors built palaces and public baths with horseshoe-shaped arches, pairs of [...]
Museums of Madrid
The Prado Museum If you’re planning a trip to Madrid, the fast-paced cosmopolitan capital city of Spain, you simply must take some time out of your busy itinerary to soak up the magnificent art and aura of the Museo del Prado. Renowned for its Eur [...]
The Nightlife in Spain
Spain is filled with A-list beach bars and other attractions that you can visit every once in a while to unwind and relax from your busy school schedules. This is most true when it comes to Barbados where the nightclubs are vibrant and off the cha [...]
Places to Visit in Andalucia
Think: stunning architecture, magical wilderness and culture galore to explore- sounds dreamy. Andalucia has breath-taking sights by the plenty all waiting for you. Flights booked? Then you’re about to jet off somewhere very special. Rich in Histo [...]
Spanish Authors and Literature in Spain
Spanish literature can simply be understood as the body of literary works created in Spain. These works are categorized into three main language divisions. These are Galician, Catalan, and Castilian. History of Spanish literature The history of Sp [...]
Medieval Faires in Spain
In Spain you will find throughout the yearmedieval faires,renaissance faires, or historical festivals in various cities. They usually include a medieval markets, parades, music, dance, and enactments of historic events. Here are a few of these eve [...]