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One of the country’s prides is the Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a national park and includes important parts of Mount Nimba, an area with endemic species such as big cats, chimpanzees, civets, duikers, and numerous kinds of viviparous toads. Some of the best resorts in the country are Loloata Island (located in Boroko and also offers opportunity to views some of the world’s utmost coral reefs), Walindi Plantation (sited in Kimbe, West New Britain Province and features the perfect reefs of Kimbe Bay), Tufi Dive (situated in Port Moresby and offers diving class and other adventure activities), and Lissenung Island (located in Kavieng and best place for scuba divers).

Guinea is gifted with abundant natural wonders. Some finest places that travelers especially nature lovers might visit are the National Park of Upper Niger (based in northwestern Africa and the parks preserve significant areas of savannah and forest), National Botanic Garden (located in Port Moresby within the University of Papua New Guinea campus and has vast collection of plants which includes bamboos, pandanus, shrubs, cordyline, native trees and orchid species), Rainforest Habitat (located in Morobe Province, which features the various bird species and native wildlife for instance cassowaries, long-nosed echidna, parrots and tree kangaroos), Papua New Guinea National Museum and Art Gallery (the main museum situated in Waigani and has 5 exhibit galleries which are the Independence, the Masterpiece, Life and Land, the Sir Allan Mann, and the Sir Michael Somare gallery), Lake Murray (situated in Middle Fly District, Western Province and is the largest lake in the country), Billy Mitchell (one of the most active volcanoes which lies in the central portion of the island of Bougainville), and Lake Kutubu (located in the Southern Highlands province).

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