Visa application requirements for Haiti

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Going to Haiti is an easy process compared with other countries, especially if one’s purpose is only for vacation. Actually, a visa is not really required if one would stay for only up to 90 days. They do however require some people who’s point of origin are from certain countries. If one is a citizen of the Dominican Republic, Panama, Colombia and China, a Visit Visa would indeed be required. Probably, if one’s country is not those countries mentioned then traveling to Haiti is easy as pie.

Passport, of course, is an essential travel document. However, before packing the bags and boarding the plane, make sure that the passport has at least 6 months validity on it as one may need to extend one’s stay there and save some time renewing a passport while on transit. Aside from it will eat up a chunk of time, processing the renewal of one’s passport, one would definitely miss out on some beautiful places to go in Haiti.

If one is a citizen of a country that needs visa to enter Haiti then they should prepare, apart from their valid passports, two passport-sized photographs, proof of financial support, 1 application form that’s duly accomplished, a return ticket and then wait for the consulate’s approval.

For a business visa, one needs pretty much the same as the requirements above but needs additional documents like a letter of intent from the interested party expressing their interest to invest in the country along with a letter of invitation from a host company already operating in Haiti.

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