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Despite the rollercoaster political tides in Mauritania, the government had somehow able to put some semblance of modernization to the country.  Amidst coup and counter-coups, the government was still able to map out a rolling fixed landline program of about 72,400 lines. Mauritel, the national carrier, was actually even privatized in 2001 but despite that the fixed-line teledensity remains low as expected, at 2 per 100 people, as telephones remain a luxury for majority of Mauritanians. With regards to mobile phone usage, the ratio is 60 per 100 persons but service is constrained to the urban areas only.

Most likely, most Mauritanians may not know it themselves but they have indeed internet connections.  As of 2009, Mauritania on the whole has a total of 15 internet hosts providing broadband connections to 45,000 users.

Broadcast facilities in the country are also not so good as radio stations operating in the country totals only to 15 with 1 AM and 14 FM radio stations to choose from. To Mauritanians with TV sets, they would not be frustrated of surfing for channels to choose more shows from because there is only one TV station broadcasting for free.  

Now, going about the country by roads could be a bit tedious especially outside of the urban areas.  The country has a total of 11,066 km of road but only 2,966 km is paved. For long distance travels, it is better to use the railways as long as the intended destination is included in the 728 km railway route. But if one is lucky enough to afford airfare, the country has a total of 27 airports, 9 of which are paved.

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