Visa application requirements for Pakistan

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Travel to another country usually entails a lot of paperwork and running around from one agency to another. Travel to and out of Pakistan is no different, to get in and out of the country one needs a visa, which is kind of a “ticket” to and from the country. Visas in Pakistan are available to all foreign nationals with the exception to those with whom Pakistan has issued Visa Abolition Agreements, the list of which can be found at Pakistan Missions. Pakistan Missions are diplomatic missions in countries, which are not in the list of Visa Abolition Agreements; these missions are like the immigration commission of Pakistan. The granting of a visa to a foreign national is not a guarantee that the said national will be automatically allowed entry into the country since the one with which the final decision rests with the Immigration Officer at the point of entry.

Pakistani Immigration has created three visa categories each for a specific kind of reason and purpose; the three visa categories being single, transit, and multiple entry visas. The prices of visas vary on the category and nationality of the “tourist” or “visitor,” but there are certain nationalities, which can be issued visas free of charge. The visas issued are usually good for stays of 3 months at any given place, but multiple entry visas are usually good for six journeys in a total period of one year with as much a maximum of a 3-month stay at a single place.

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