The Weather and Climate in Serbia

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The climate in the republic of Serbia can be categorized into three major types in relation to the three major regions of the country.  In the large northern area, the climate ranges from cold winters to hot summers with relatively high humidity. The winters are cold enough to bring down the temperature to a level that is low enough to be able to sustain a regular cycle of snow on an annual basis.  The summers, on the other hand, are characterized with hot temperatures reaching 40˚C (104˚F) but have a good proportion of rainfall across the entire area.  On average, the temperature in this region of Serbia is around 12˚Celsius or 53˚F.  The high temperature reaches 28˚C while the low drops down to -3˚C. 

The central region is characterized by a climate that is mostly associated with areas in the Mediterranean.  The summers here are usually warm but sometimes they can also reach the hot temperatures.  There is a lot less rainfall in this region, thus the summers are commonly dry.  In the winter, the rainfall increases causing the cold season to be relatively wet.  This also helps in keeping the winter to remain relatively mild compared to the other regions. 

The southern portion of the country similarly experiences summers that are hot and with very low precipitation.  This kind of climate is also usually experienced in the autumn season.  In the winter months, snowfall in the south can be quite heavy.  Furthermore, the cold can reach very harsh levels during the winter season.

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