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Serbia has no official or distinct language to call their own. They speak quite like their neighboring countries. Basically, their language is almost that of Croats, Bosniacs and Montenegrins. With the similarities of the languages, the Serbo-Croatian linguistics emerged. Despite the indistinctive nature of the Serbian language, it was greatly influenced by Orthodox missionary brothers of Saints Cyril and Methodius. The Cyrillic script was developed into an alphabet that Serbians later on used. Cyrillic in some areas of Serbia is the official language however; Latin script is also used and has not died down.

There are also those ethnic minorities who are still in touch with their own language and script and a law was passed to protect their own language. English is also a language spoken by Serbians so one should not be afraid to travel there and converse with the people. The younger Serbians are used to the foreigners who speak in English that they can relate very well with English speakers. If you are someone who speaks German, French or Spanish, well the Serbian schools have been using these languages so it is also advised that you use languages that are understood by the citizens, that way it is easier to go about and relate to the people. Majority of Serbia will have the usual Serbian language however there are certain parts in the north that speak Hungarian. Always take note where you are so that you will know which language to use in conversing.

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