Visa application requirements for Serbia

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Most of the European countries have no need of attaining a visa to get in the country. Serbia has accepted nationals from other countries having permitted passports aside from that, the diplomats who are on official business are also welcome without the need of visas.

For those who plan to enter Serbia but have no valid passport then one should follow the steps to be able to attain a visa for entry. One must first meet the requirements. The applicant must have a valid passport, an invitation of visit, a ticket that has a return flight, proof that one has sufficient funds in order to provide for the trip and other needs, and a certificate of a health fund in case of any accidents that will require medical assistance. Always check first if your passport if it is still valid; you cannot travel without a valid passport. The passport is your true identification when you go around Serbia. The invitation of visit will give the Serbian embassy reason to provide the visa for you because there is someone in Serbia that is waiting for your arrival. The return flight ticket is requested upon application of visa to ensure that one will be returning back to his/her native country. The sufficient fund is needed also when applying in order to provide proof that one can afford the travel expenses and other provisions needed for your stay in Serbia even for providing for medical needs. Remember to attain a visa. It is your ticket to getting around.

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