Food, eating habits and cusine of Rwanda

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Rwanda’s general cuisine shares many dishes, that are simply and easy to prepare and brought in by the Tutsi traditional herdsmen from northern Africa. This cuisine has developed both national and common dishes of different styles and influences of Asian Indian or Middle Eastern cuisines.

​The national dishes include ugali or bugali, which is porridge-like paste made from maize and water; isombe, consisting of mashed cassava leaves served with dried fish; and matoke, made from steamed baked plantains. In other cities and towns outside Kigali Province, cuisine is simpler as it usually consists of chicken, fish, goat or steak served with rice or French Fries.

​A Rwandan traditional breakfast is made up of sweet potatoes and porridge, which is a mixture of corn, sorghum and millet mixed with milk in the rural areas, or bread and tea in the urban areas. A typical lunch or dinner has boiled beans, bananas, or sweet potatoes or cassava. The Rwandans also have common dishes they call umutsima, a dish of cassava and corn, and mizuzu or fried plantains. In between main meals, they take fruits such as avocados, bananas, mangoes or papayas for snacks. You can also find food vendors on the roadsides who sell roasted corn and meat barbecues any time in the afternoon up to early evening. Urban residents also patronize fast-food restaurants that are becoming popular because of convenience they offer and the style of service that is considered as family-oriented. The popular Rwandan cooking methods are roasting, baking, boiling, mashing and spicing.

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