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The government of Rwanda has created the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA) to regulated public utilities such electricity, water and sanitation, telecommunications and transportation services. Under RURA, the country’s electricity has a directorate or executive staff that manages power protection, transmission, and distribution in the country. While promoting sustainability, quality and safe services, the directorate also helps promote efficient energy and effective energy conservation measures.

​On water and sanitation service, RURA conducts the following activities: (a) promotion of fair competition, efficient and sustainability of water resources, (b) better quality services to customers at fair and reasonable prices, and (c) improvement of access to quality water in both urban and rural areas. These activites are designed to improve the results of a 2005 household living conditions survey pointing to 66% of urban population and only 57% of rural population had access to improved source of drinking water. The government is also undertaking a program to protect springs, which are a main source of water supply in the rural areas, from the adverse effects of erosion and deforestation.

​Transportation in the country, meanwhile, is served by four airports, 14,008 kilometers of roadways with paved highways between Kigali and other major urban centers, railway that links the country to some of neighbor countries, and sea ports and terminals in Cyanguya, Gizenyi and Kibuye. The telecommunications sector provides a telephone system, mobile cellular phone service, radio broadcast and television broadcast stations.

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