Electricity, Phone, Internet, TV, Radio, Public Transportation, Banking, Postal and Other Services in Tajikistan

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Tajikistan merely inherited its limited infrastructure from Russian domination. The inadequate resources were even degraded with the lack of national funding. In the past decade though, the national government has been working out for gradual reforms with the assistance extended by the international community.

The service sector has remained as the propeller of national GDP with 48% percentage contribution. In particular, this sector is supported by several sub-sectors such as banking, hotel accommodation, telecommunication, transportation, and the like. All these facilitated the provision of local services for nationals and foreigners, alike.

Encouraging tourism are several chains of hotels and lodges across the country. These are typically situated in key cities and urban areas. Dushanbe is even home to topnotch hotels rated with up to five stars. Among the five-star hotels are Asia Grand Hotel, Taj Palace Hotel, and Tajikistan Hotel.

Delivering banking and financial services is the stretch of banking institutions in regions. The National Bank of Tajikistan considered the Central Bank of the State is the mother of all financial corporations. Major commercial banks include Orienbank, Vnesheconom Bank, and Sberbank.

Transportation and Telecommunication are equally significant subsectors, too. In 1991, transportation infrastructures are characterized by 680km railways, 30,000km highways, and more than 3,000m runways. Accessible modes of transportation include busses, cars, trains, and airplanes. In turn, telecommunication services are primarily provided by Tajikistan Telecom along with seven existing mobile operators. Internet use has also been a trend up to date with 700,000 users comprising approximately 9% of its populace.

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