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The official language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese. Taiwanese, on the other hand is also a dialect in the country mostly used by the people of the Fujian descent. Mandarin is commonly used among the areas in Taiwan, and is the medium of instructions in schools. However, during the occupation of the Japanese, their language had also been adapted by the people. The languages of the aborigines in the country have also been preserved.

The Mandarin language in Taiwan has two types: the Standard Mandarin and the Taiwanese Mandarin. The Standard Mandarin, beginning with its history, had been inaugurated as the official language in Taiwan during the administration of the Kuomintang of the Republic of China. In the 1980’s, the government strongly discouraged the use of native tongues and other vernaculars unless otherwise, the Standard Mandarin. On the other hand, the Taiwanese Mandarin has varied forms but still similar with the Standard Mandarin. It is also a combination of the native, standard and other languages. Blends of the Hakka language, Hokkien, Japanese, and English are some of the other feature of the Taiwanese Mandarin.

The public markets, stores, and other locations in Taiwan use the Mandarin language. The Taiwanese Hokkien, a dialect in Min Nan, is also widely spoken. The Hakka language is used by the Taiwan people rooting from Guangdong, China, Jianxi, and Fujian ancestry. The first peoples in Taiwan have also treasured their language. About 2% of the Taiwanese people comprise of the aborigines, and their language, the Formosan language, has still existed and used.

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