Physical Security Professional

If you want to become a Physical Security Professional, you need to finish a degree of Security Management and you should also obtain a certification from the right organization. Being involved in an organization’s physical security may be a tough job but if you’re equipped with the knowledge and experience, you can definitely excel in the field.

Why is it that a certification is required to qualify as a PSP? Well, if you’re certified, employers will instantly know that your knowledge on physical security is exceptional and they will not doubt your capabilities.

As a Physical Security Professional, you should have the appropriate skills and technical experience. You should know how to perform threat surveys so that you can easily evaluate the dangers found in an organization or on a certain location. As a highly skilled PSP, you should be able to design various security systems and procedures; and at the same time, you should know how to set up, operate, and maintain such security systems. The employer should no longer remind you of your responsibilities especially those concerning response procedures and overall security.

Employers nowadays prefer highly trained PSPs who have hands-on and solid experience about the current and the latest security solutions and technologies. PSP specialists should be knowledgeable in various areas. If you have a PSP certification, you will have a professional edge that employers can easily recognize.

If you want to get a certification, you need to provide a copy of your GED equivalent or high school diploma. Years of experience in the security management field is also required. Most of all, you should have no criminal records or offense. If you don’t meet with the criteria set by the ASIS, your application can be denied. ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security) is a well-known organization created for all security professionals.

Finishing a degree in Security Management is not enough if you want to become a Physical Security Professional. You see, your years in college do not give you an edge to qualify as a PSP since you still lack experience and actual knowledge of the real job. Once you graduate, you must undergo series of trainings and gain more job experience to prove your competency. There are lots of security professionals all over the world and there is extreme competition especially when you’re still hunting for a job. Get the necessary training and experience first.

Through the help of experienced instructors, you will learn all the key concepts and valuable insights on how to be an effective PSP. When you know the fundamentals, you will not find it hard to work in the real environment. During the training, you will gain knowledge of physical security assessment, implementation of security measures, selecting the best security measures, etc. Once you receive your certification, your skills are already validated and you gain professional recognition.

Being in the line of security management profession is no joke. You should continuously strive to learn the latest in the industry in order to stay competitive.

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