Human Resource Security Manager

The good thing about taking up a Security Management course is that you can follow different yet related career paths. Security Management is a broad management field and you’re free to choose a career that you like.

Graduating from the course is not enough to land a job. Well, you’re quite lucky if you’ve found a job soon after you graduate. But if you’re still jobless, it’s time that you undergo specific trainings to determine your field of specialization.

You can be a Human Resource Security Manager. As the Security Manager, it is your task to ensure that all employees handling the organization’s personal data receive regular updates and proper awareness training to safeguard all entrusted data. You also need to look into the job description of all employees to ensure that they are performing the appropriate responsibilities and roles that are in line with the security policy of the organization.

It is a difficult task to protect an organization’s data from disclosure, destruction, modification, unauthorized access, and interference. So you need to be equipped with the right skills, qualifications, and experience. Human resources security is vital for every company or organization and so your job as a Security Manager (human resources) is no joke. You need to take your career seriously because the security of the personnel and the organization is in your hands as the manager.

As the Human Resource Security Manager, it is also your duty to organize training programs for employees to enhance their awareness on data disclosure, security problems or incidents, and to give the proper response depending on their job roles.

As the Security Manager, it is your task to check on the background and employment histories of employees and applicants especially if the position has access to sensitive or confidential information and critical applications. You should also sign acknowledgments of the employees’ security responsibility. When an employee is terminated from service, it is your task to implement termination procedures so that the former employees can no longer access the organization’s info assets.

You need to ensure that all employees, third parties, and contractors are applying the necessary security controls based on the organization’s policies. Before granting access to security or sensitive information, you must inform all employees about their duties and responsibilities. If you want, you can provide a copy of the rules or guidelines which discloses about the organization’s security expectations from employees. Among the most important tasks of a Security Manager is to ensure proper limited access to the information facilities to mitigate failure risks.

It is also your duty to subject employees into a disciplinary process when they commit security breach. When there is sufficient evidence of security breach, the proper investigatory process should be followed. Disciplinary proceedings should be observed and when the fault is proven, sanctions should be appropriately given depending on the gravity of the fault or offense.

As a Human Resource Security Manager, you should exude confidence and authority. If you’re knowledgeable enough and you have the necessary experience and certifications, you can become an asset of any company or organization.

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