An Animator is creative person who makes multiple images named frames to formulate a vision or fragment of the imagination of movement called animation when quickly exhibited or displayed. Animators can work in the various and expanding fields of film and animated film production, television, gaming and networking industry.

The Animators usually communicate with the customers and build up or originate animation from their ideas. They produce storyboards that portray or describe the script and story. They draw sketches and artwork by using 2D and 3D animation. They are in charge in designing the animation environment including the sets, backgrounds, character, models and objects. Animators develop the speed and timing of objects or characters movement throughout the series of images and follow the necessary audio and soundtrack. They work on and develop the exact and detailed frame-by-frame images. Also, they record the dialogue and work with editors to combine the several layers of animation to generate the completed piece. The animators usually use computer software applications like 3D studio max, Cinema 4D, Flash, Light wave, Softimage, Maya and others. They also utilize classic materials such as watercolors, oil paints, acrylics, plaster, modeling clay and other available coloring material. An animation piece usually demands the teamwork or joint effort of numerous Animators. The techniques of producing the images for an animation art object or piece count on the animators' creative styles and their field. Animators work with the designers, copywriters, executives, photographers, marketing specialists and other links concerned to the project.

In United States, the salary of Computer Animators that operate in 3D art is about $43,000 per year. The approximate salary for Video Game Animators is $40,000 for every year, while the salary for individual animation in this kind of profession specifically relies on the company and its location. Freelance Animator has a capability to earn more compare to their counterparts at recognized design business firms.
The required education for an Animator is a Bachelor of Arts degree in Animation or associate degrees. Students may are expected to be exposed in the following subjects – animation practices, computer graphics, drawing for animation, graphic design, programming for 3D and video effects. Student may also study the history of art, image generation and combination, game design, kinematics animation techniques, life drawing, modeling, photo shop effects, principles and structure of design and sound and video editing.

Other job opportunities for Animators include cartoonists, sketch artists, painters, illustrators, visual artist, multimedia designers, graphic designers, computer game programmer, computer game developer and web designers.

The skills needed for an animator include artistic or creative ability, storytelling ability, technical/software knowledge, problem sensitivity, oral and written comprehension and ability to work as a team.

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